Best Banking Option for Cricket Betting

Think about cricket betting and the first question that arises in mind – is it legal in my country? Even if you can find an online bookmaker who accepts players from your country, the hurdles are not over. The next level you need to clear is about banking methods. There are laws against transactions with gambling websites in multiple regions. Some of the banks restrict the deposits or withdrawals from an online bookie. High processing fees is another problem you need to deal with.

Today, we tell you about two trusted payment methods that work even when your plastic money is not going through. You can use Neteller and Skrill. These are the most effective methods for gambling investments because of faster deposits and withdrawal processing. Plus, you can use them even if the debit or credit card is not working on an online bookie.

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Do you know why Neteller is the best method for online gambling? You can use it as an online bank to send and receive funds from multiple sources including bookmaking websites. Registering for an account on Neteller is easy. However, you need to verify the account after making some deposits.

Once Neteller verifies your account, it runs smoothly. All the transactions are secure as well. These are the reasons why we recommend Neteller for all the gamblers who prefer online betting.

Why should you join Neteller?

  • Started in 1999, one of the oldest and reputable
  • Offers safe and secure transactions
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Low processing fees
  • Excellent customer support
  • Accepts all the cards


Another stylish banking method you can try for online gambling. Skrill has similar features to Neteller. It’s possible because now both the e-wallets are owned by the same brand. The processing fees are the same as both of them. So, it’s your choice to choose any of the two online payment methods.

Why should you join Skrill?

  • Offers the fastest withdrawal
  • Almost all the online gamblers accept Skrill
  • Promotional offers are many
  • Excellent customer support 24 by 7


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