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Cricket Umpire Signals – What They Mean Illustrated with Images

Do you watch cricket? Then, it’s crucial to understand the various signals of an umpire. Otherwise, you might not be able to enjoy the game. So, read on to understand cricket umpire signals and what they mean illustrated with images.   Cricket Umpire Signals: What They Mean Out An umpire signals out when a batter

Five worst cricket bats in All Time

Searching for an advantage over the opposition is natural in cricket, but sometimes it leads to controversies. Here, we will take a look at the worst cricket bats in cricket and why they created debates.    Five worst cricket bats in cricket Mongoose bat The Mongoose bat was first used by Mathew Hayden in IPL

15 Largest Cricket Stadiums in the World by Boundary and Capacity

Do you know how far the batters have to hit the ball to score a boundary? Or how many audiences can watch live matches in a cricket stadium? Most cricket lovers think about these interesting statistics. Well, the size differs. However, the average boundary of a cricket ground is anywhere between 65 to 80 meters.

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Cricket Fielding Positions Explanations – Expert Opinion

Understanding cricket commentary is challenging if you don’t know the difference between gully and backward point fielder. It’s the reason we are here to discuss all the cricket fielding positions. Among the eleven players of a cricket team, there are nine fielders excluding the bowler and wicket-keeper. We will give you all the details about