What to Bet on Cricket?

Cricket is one of the most famous sports across the world. If you are also a fan and looking to know more about cricket betting, then here we are. No matter you are residing in Australia, Bangladesh, India, or South Africa, we can give you some tips about cricket betting. Today’s guide is dedicated to all the cricket enthusiasts at all levels so that any of them learn to earn more thrill.

Whether it’s a T20, ODI, or a test, you can place a bet on every over, ball, wicket, or boundary. But, not all of them are suitable. It’s the reason why you need to be selective. Above all, you need to remember one thing; do not ever bet on points where you can predict or analyze the result.

Popular Betting Conditions:

Bet on match results

Well, it’s the most common bet in the gambling world. You must have heard about it, right? Place your bet on the three possible outcomes of a cricket match. Means, you can either say that your team will win, it will lose or the match would be a draw. Simply to understand, but exciting once you are watching the live match. It’s one of the most popular cricket bets and you can also try your luck on the same.

Keep in mind that you need to predict the results depending upon the batting/bowling conditions, pitch analysis, and team form. For instance, if South Africa plays on an Australian pitch, then the conditions would favor the Australian team.

Best batsman or bowler

Do you think one of the batsmen from two battling teams will score a century? Well, it’s a tough job to think about one batsman from both teams. But, if you can guess the right player and place a bet then this one has a history of high payouts.

Apart from the batsman, you can also consider which bowler will take the maximum number of wickets? Guess the right bowler, put some amount on stake and you might thank yourself if the same bowler sends most batsmen to the pavilion.

Match score

What can be the final score of the first inning? It’s another bet where you can enjoy more, especially if you know the batting team and its player’s form. Apart from that, you can also bet on the runs scored in between the overs. For instance, if you think the team will surpass 100 runs in the first 15 overs, then you can bet for the same. Winning percentages are high if you follow cricket.

Man of the Match or Player of the Tournament

One player in every match claims the award of Man of the Match. Then comes the Man of the Series, who has done well in every match in the tournament. If you think someone can win any of these titles, then you can put some amount at stake for them.

Dismissal method

Do you enjoy live betting? Well, who doesn’t? In this bet, you need to decide how a batsman will end up losing his wicket. The choice of dismissal methods is between; bowled, run-out, stumped, LBW, caught, and others. You need to select one of these that you think that player will leave the ground.

Toss winning captain

If you don’t want to think about the performance of your favorite team or player, then go for the winning toss. You simply need to pick up the team who will the toss, which you can do at the starting of any cricket match. It can be fun but mostly depends on luck.

Frequent Used Betting Conditions:

  1. Match-winner
  2. Series or tournament winner
  3. Runs in overs
  4. Top Batsman
  5. Top Bowlers
  6. Win the toss
  7. Fifty or Hundred scored in a match
  8. Highest Opening Partnership
  9. Most Sixes
  10. Most Fours
  11. Man of the Match
  12. Man of the Series
  13. Top team batsman
  14. Top team bowler
  15. To reach the final
  16. Draw no bet
  17. Inning lead in test
  18. Highest opening partnership
  19. Wicket fall in runs or overs
  20. Methods of Dismissal etc.

Cricket Tournaments to Bet On:

  1. Afghanistan Premier League
  2. Asia Cup
  3. Bangladesh Premier League
  4. Big Bash League
  5. Caribbean Premier League
  6. Champions League Twenty20
  7. Champions Trophy
  8. County Championship
  9. Cricket World Cup
  10. CSA T20 Challenge
  11. Global T20 Canada
  12. ICC Under 19 World Cup
  13. ICC Women’s T20 World Cup
  14. Indian Premier League
  15. Karnataka Premier League
  16. Masters Champions League
  17. Momentum One Day Cup
  18. Mzansi Super League
  19. Oman Quad Series T20
  20. Pakistan Super League
  21. Sheffield Shield
  22. Sunfoil Series
  23. Super Smash
  24. T10 League
  25. T20 Blast
  26. T20 Global League
  27. T20 World Cup
  28. Tamil Nadu Premier League
  29. Test Championship
  30. The Ashes
  31. Tours
  32. Tri-Series
  33. Womens Asia Cup
  34. Womens Big Bash League
  35. World Cricket League

We hope you gained some of the best ways to bet on cricket. Get more into cricket with gambling. If you are new, then spend some time watching this sport and listen to the commentary. Start betting with small amounts. You can put more money once you feel confident and gain some experience with the game. Best of luck.


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