05 Best Online Cricket Betting Sites in Indian Rupees in 2023

Cricket fans in India never miss any match. Whether it’s an ODI, Test, or T20, Indian cricket lovers enjoy every bowl. And why not? Watching cricket is enjoyable, exciting, and very entertaining. So is online gambling on the matches. Most of the Indian players prefer to bet with local currency; INR.

If you living in India and want some of the betting sites that accept Indian rupees, then you are in the right place. We have collected a list of online gambling sites that allows you to bet using the Indian National Rupee.

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What is Cricket?

A weird question? Isn’t it?

As we are writing a complete guide we think some basic idea about cricket makes sense here. You can skip this para if you already know very well about cricket.

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in this modern time that we live in. However, this sport did not start just now. It has a rich history which extends back to the 16th century. It was originated in south-east England. In the 18th century, it became England’s national sports and then developed all over the world in the 19th and 20th centuries. Since 1844 and 1877 respectfully, international matches and test cricket have been playing all over the world. Like FIFA in Football, International Cricket Council (ICC) is the governing body of cricket.

The game is normally played with 11 players on both sides. It is usually referred to as bat against bat game. It is played on a huge field which would have a long pitch of about 22 yards in the middle. One person can usually be seen bowling in the middle while others are scattered around the pitch. The bowler tries to out the batsman and the batsman tries to score as many as runs. The highest scorer team called winner finally.

What is Online Cricket Betting?

Cricket is considered as a complex game, especially for the new learner but cricket betting, on the other hand, is easy to understand and enjoy as well. Normally two persons or two parties bet against each other on the outcome of the match and predict which team will win the match. The other popular way of betting in cricket is on the outcome of a particular number of overs. Better bets on how many runs can a particular team score in next say 6 overs or any number of overs depending on the situation of the match. Online cricket betting means betting on cricket through the internet with bookmakers.

How to Bet on Cricket Online?

We have written a step by step guideline for beginner to know the cricket betting process. You can read it in full here: how to bet on cricket?

Here is the overview of that article:

  • Step 1:  Create an account at Betway or 1xbet or other trusted bookmaker. 
  • Step 2: Verify your betting account using Passport, Government ID or any other acceptable documents. Read: how to verify Bet365 account?
  • Step 3: Create an e-wallet account. We recommend  Neteller and Skrill.
  • Step 4: Verify your e-wallet account using acceptable documents.
  • Step 5: Deposit funds to your e-wallet through credit card, bank transfer or any acceptable methods.
  • Step 6: Deposit funds from e-wallet to Betway or 1xbet.
  • Step 7: Place your first bet. Read: How to place a bet on bet365?

The process is very easy and takes less than 1 hour to complete. The process may vary site to site, but the basic process is the same for all sites.

Brief Overview of Top 5 Cricket Betting Sites for Indian Rupee?

Here we are going to talk about some background information on the best five online cricket betting sites which are discussed below;


1. Betway

Betway is one of the best online betting sites that accept Indian rupees. Its website is easy to navigate. Plus, the bookmaker offers higher odds to make your bets even more exciting.

Indian players can register and transact on Betway using INR. Both the deposit and withdrawal of the winning amount is easy and fast. The bookmaker accepts Paytm, PhonePe, GPAy, Skrill, Neteller, Visa/Master cards, and a few more modes that are easilyl available for Indian punters. If you have an ICICI bank account, Betway also allows you to transfer the deposit using IMPS.

  • Welcome Bonus: 100 percent up to 2, 500 INR
  • Minimum deposit: 200 INR


2. 1XBet

1XBet is another popular betting company that offers many popular sports betting services. It is widely known, and this is a testament to its safety and reliability. It has grown and developed as a major betting site in the industry. 1XBet allows its users to place wagers on many different sports including football, basketball, tennis, cricket, American football, baseball, boxing, and martial arts, and many other competitive sports. Like other betting companies, 1XBet can be accessed from your mobile device or online via their website. Their website features a very user-friendly interface that is easy to use and allows you to place wagers quickly and without difficulty. It also includes very detailed information as to the rules of betting on the site based on each game and odd. 

parimatch2. Parimatch

Parimatch, a similar betting company that allows for placing wagers on several sports including cricket. It is known for its safety and reliability in protecting the users and promptly delivering your winnings. Parimatch allows its users to place wagers on several sports some of which include football, basketball, baseball, rugby, tennis and of course cricket.  You can bet on many parameters within the game that allow for better odds at winning a bet. Some of these odds include; the winner of the game, most run outs, most match sixes, most match fours, top team batsman, top team bowler, batsman to score a fifty in the match, batsman to score a hundred in the match, man of the match, highest individual score and so many others. By placing multiple bets on many odds, your chances of winning a bet are improved significantly. Like most other betting sites, you can access Parimatch either from your mobile device or place bets online. When accessing Parimatch online, you will find the easy to use and attractive website appealing to use. Also, placing bets are significantly easy as all you will need is easily accessible on the website. In this way, Parimatch simplifies the process of placing wagers and allows you to pay attention to and enjoy the game.

melbet logo4. Melbet

Melbet is targeted at the Indian market to help improve this activity in India. As such, the site featured a massive 60,000 unique betting events weekly. Melbet allows users to bet on over 55 different sports, from soccer to rugby, to cricket. Each sport features its own set of unique wager options. These include match results, game selections, special odds and many others. Many people prefer Melbet also because of the fact that it gives it’s users the option of live online betting. This makes Melbet stand out amongst many other betting sites as you can place bets while the game is in play and the odds increase or decrease so that you can keep up with the game. Also, Melbet allows its players the chance to cash out fast. Cashing out means that the bettor can win money sooner than expected. Melbet will offer you cash out the sum of money although you can still keep your bet on for the maximum payout.

1win5. 1win

1win, is one of the best cricket betting sites. In its life span, it gains a good reputation in the betting industry by providing excellent betting service. This site focuses on INR based betting as well as conventional e-wallet betting. The website design is attractive without bannerless sleek design. Both the desktop version and the mobile version of this website look very good. 1win provides good cricket coverage by offering better odds from its competitor. There is a live chat option through which you can get instant help and solution. Though this site focuses on sports betting, you can get a better casino experience on this site. 

How We have Selected These Top Five Betting Sites?

Those are the top five betting sites right now. In case you are wondering how we select the top betting sites, we used a lot of categories to decide which betting sites were the best. Here are some of the factors we use;

  1. Reputation: Whether the site is reputed or not
  2. Cricket Coverage: How many cricket tournaments they cover?
  3. Security: Is there any security problem of your fund?
  4. Banking options: Deposit and Withdraw options
  5. Promotional Offers: Regular Bonuses provided by the betting sites.
  6. Odds: Your return on investment per bet
  7. Customer Support: How quickly support team of the sites are responding?
  8. User Interface: Is the sites are fast and mobile friendly.

Bet365 Betting Guide for Beginner:

 We have written a detailed guide for bet365 account opening process. Read it from here  How to Open a Bet365 account?

Here is a shorter version of that article:

How to Open a Bet365 account?

  • Step one: Click this link to go to the bet365 site.
  • Step two: The next thing you would have to do is to head over to their website. You would see the icon (“Join Now”) which invites you to join. This should be located on the right-hand side of your screen. Click on it.
  • Step three: The next page would instruct you to put in your personal details. After this is done, you would also be advised to input your banking details. This would be needed in order to withdraw your winnings or to deposit money if applicable.



Credit: IndiaBet 

How to Verify Bet365 Account?

You might also want to verify your account on Bet365. Fortunately for us, this is a fairly straightforward process.

To verify, you are most likely going to be asked to submit at least two documents. The first document would be to identify yourself while the second document would be a means to identify where you live. When it comes to the identification document, you are allowed to use either passport (international), a driver’s license or any other identification which has been given by the government. Your address document would either be a passport too, a driver’s license assuming that they both show your address. You can also use a bank statement or a utility bill. Utility bills would include internet or electricity bills. Verification would normally take a maximum of 7 days. Read our bet365 verification full guide from here: How to verify bet365 account?

How to  Deposit on Bet365?

  • Step one: All you have to do is log into your account.
  • Step two: Use the drop in the menu to find your way to the deposit section.
  • Step three: When the deposit page shows, input how much you would like to deposit.
  • Step Four: Input your banking details such as credit card or e-wallet information.
  • Step Five:  Then confirm to finish your transaction.

Read our bet365 deposit process guide from here.

How to place bets on Bet365?

  • Step one:  The first thing you would need to do is to log into your account.
  • Step two: The next thing is to select the particular game which you plan on betting on.
  • Step three: Select what odds or what results in you wish to stick your wager on.
  • Step four: Enter the amount of money you are willing to use.
  • Step five: Once this is done, confirm your bet details to place your wager.

Read our full guide from here.

Understanding Cricket Betting Odds

If you wish to be a success in cricket online betting, then one of the things which you would have to understand is the cricket betting odds. This feature is best understood through the use of examples. For example, if we are to bet on the Ashes which is Australia playing against England, Australia would be at odds 1.50 to win that game. This means that Australia has a likelihood of 1.50 to win that game. The odds which you see assigned to each team are the odds which have been given and placed by bookmakers. It is, therefore, their own options of the probability of both teams winning the game.

To understand it better, using the formula of implied probability is equal to 1 divided by the odds given, we would get the answer. For example, 1/1.50 =0.666. This would equal 60%. Therefore, the likelihood of them winning is about 60%.

The amount of profit which you can get from every bet that you place can also be calculated. This can easily be gotten by following this formula;

  • Profit gained = (wager x Odds) – wager.
  • Let us see if we can put this idea into an example.
  • Profit gained = (20 x 1.50) – 20
  • Profit gained = 30 – 20
  • Profit would be therefore 10

It is important that you also assess the betting value of the game before placing a bet. The fact that one team might have an odd of 3.33 would not mean anything if the other team have an odds of about the same odds. Therefore, it is always important to have a good peek at the betting value before making a decision.

What to Bet on Cricket?

Betting Market:

  1. Match-winner
  2. Series or tournament winner
  3. Runs in overs
  4. Top Batsman
  5. Top Bowlers
  6. Win the toss
  7. Fifty or Hundred scored in a match
  8. Highest Opening Partnership
  9. Most Sixes
  10. Most Fours etc.

Cricket Tournament:

  • The one day World Cup: This event is usually played just once every four years. This is one event that would be perfect for betting on as many bookmakers would be eagerly anticipating its return in 2019.
  • The Ashes: The most intense rivalry in the world of cricket. This match pitches England against Australia in what should be an exciting game of cricket. It is the perfect event to bet on.
  • Twenty20 world cup: Fortunately for cricket bookmakers, there are two world cups in the world of cricket. This world cup is going to be played next when the year 2020 rolls in. it is set to be held in Australia.
  • Indian Premier League: This league is one of the most popular things when it comes to cricket. Throughout the year, a lot of players make their way to the IPL as it is popularly known as to get a taste of this league.
  • NatWest Blast: This is a domestic competition which is held by England. It was one of the very first tournaments that were created. It should be a wonderful event to bet on.
  • Twenty20 Big Bash: This competition belongs to Australia and usually starts during the summer period in Australia. It is a very popular event in that country.

Gambling laws in India

The Public Gambling Act governs gambling in India. Formulated in 1967, it clearly states the Indian laws are against all gambling activities, except in Sikkim and Goa. This means, no one can operate a venue that promotes betting and no one can visit any such establishment because both the actions are illegal. However, the set of rules are more than 150 years old now. Plus, there is nothing written against online betting. And we can clearly understand why? Because there was no worldwide web (WWW) at that phase of time.

The Information Technology Act passed in 2000 never talks about gambling and betting. So, the Indian government does not have much against online betting, especially if the bookmaker is located in a different country. But, online gambling is banned in Maharashtra because the state is under the influence of the “Bombay Wager Act”.

Why Cricket Betting is So Popular?

According to Hindustan Times, the illegal betting market in India is worth $150 billion and the global legal sports betting market is worth more than $400 billion in a year. Moreover, according to the Doha-based International Centre for Sports Security, approximate $200 million bet on every one-day international played by the Indian cricket team.

This shows the popularity of cricket betting, so we tried to investigate the reasons behind this. Here are the top reasons we have found from our research:

1. Easy to understand: The first reason we have found is that cricket is very easy to understand. A 9-10 years child from a cricket playing nation can easily understand cricket, so why the adult could not be. Hence, people from these countries become passionate about cricket. Sometimes, the supporters become addicted to cricket and want to make profit from it. They take the quickest way to make profit from cricket which is betting though there are so many legal business options available for them.

2. It’s Sometimes Profitable: As we have pointed earlier, cricket betting can be profitable sometimes. The bettors want to make some quick profit from it and engage in it in a serious way. One can easily place a bet and win some easy money from it. For this reason, participation in cricket betting is increasing day by day. However, making profit should not be the objective of betting, it should be done for fun.

3. A way to support favorite team: Sometimes cricket fans bet on matches just to support their favorite team. By this, they not only enjoy the game but also enjoy the betting. This should be the ultimate goal of a cricket bettor. As we said earlier bet for fun and not for money.

4. The rise of betting sites: The increasing number of online sportsbook makes the online betting process easy. There are huge numbers of betting sites available for cricket betting. Also, most of the sites do not have strict restrictions. As a result, people from all over the world eager to join and bet on cricket online.

5. Spending Leisure time: People watch cricket because they like it very much. They spend their extra time watching their favorite team’s games. While enjoying cricket they tend to do bet to double their fun and enjoyment.  So it’s not surprising that spending leisure time is also a big factor in cricket betting. 

6. The convenience of online betting: With the availability of online bookmakers, one literally can bet from anywhere, anytime and any situation. Unlike conventional betting he does not have to wait for the opposition to bet, he just types betting sites address using smartphone and place a bet within a minute. Such convenience factor leads to increase the numbers of cricket bettors online day by day.

How to Deposit and Withdraw on Betting Sites?

When dealing with betting sites, you would quickly realize that you are allowed to deposit money into your account and withdraw using each of the following;

  • MasterCard/visa
  • Your credit and debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Skrill who is also known as the Moneybookers
  • Neteller
  • RuPay
  • UPI
  • PhonPe
  • PayTM etc.

Using these options, you would find out that withdrawals and deposits would work with a flourish. However, it is important to note that most withdrawals which would be made using these methods may take as long as three working days before it finally hits your account. This would ensure that you do not get frustrated while you are waiting for it.

The merchant we would recommend to you has to be Neteller out of the rest. They have safe, organized procedures for dealing with betting companies and you can be assured that your money would arrive in less than no time. If you wish to deposit money for gambling using Neteller, there is a special section where you can select that the money that is deposited would be used for gambling purposes. It is important to ensure that you do not place this funds in the non-gambling section as you would not be allowed to access it for gambling purposes.

If you are looking to fund or withdraw your Neteller account, the first thing you would have to do is to log into your Neteller account. If you do not have one, you would have to create one. For funding, you would have to add a card detail which would be used to complete the transaction. If you are looking to withdraw, you would have to choose Neteller in your betting site. The step would be to enter your account details and token. Then confirm payment details and you are all set to go.

How to make a deposit in India?

You need to fill in your betting account with some cash before placing any bet. Amount depositing is simple and is similar to any other online shop where you want to buy a product or services. What you generally do when you placing an order on Amazon? It’s what you need to follow on any of the bookmaking sites that we discussed today. Let’s talk about the options in detail.

Plastic money (Debit or credit card)

Easy and best to try, but a little harder when you are in India. Some of the Indian banking establishments will not allow transactions to an offshore online bookie.

  • Advantage: Quick deposit and withdrawals.
  • Disadvantage: The transaction might not go through because of the restrictions. So, check other ways before you make the decision.

Virtual prepaid cards

Another fast and convenient way to fund your betting account is virtual cards. Such cards make online payments without even sharing your personal information. When you want to transact with offshore betting brands, you can try AstroPay or Paysafe.

  • Advantage: An effective to make payments on betting sites. It’s safe, fast and you don’t have to bear any processing charge.
  • Disadvantage: You might lose cash in case of inactivity.


The fastest mode to deposit money in your gambling profile. You can place a bet after transferring some amount from your bank account to an e-wallet. Most of the Indian cricket betting sites accept e-wallets, so you can either create an account on either Skrill or Neteller. These are the best e-wallets for betting because of easy usage and fast transfers.

  • Advantage: Convenient, secure, and fast, e-wallets are the fastest when we talk about deposits or withdrawals.
  • Disadvantage: Processing is comparatively higher. Plus, you need to make sure your smartphone is password protected. Otherwise, someone can access your e-wallet or bank to access your funds.

As you can understand, these are three major banking methods that are widely accepted by Indian cricket betting sites. Debit/Credit cards are provided by the bank. Apart from that, you can simply register on Astropay, Neteller, or Skrill to start your gambling journey. The steps are very simple.

  • You need to create an account on Neteller or Skrill, which is easy. You can register on any of them via a website or smartphone app.
  • Once you have the account, use net banking, credit card, or debit card to transfer some money to it. The first transaction might take some time, but afterward it instant.
  • After creating an e-wallet, you can join any of the three websites that we mentioned above. You can try other platforms; in case you don’t love your hard-earned money.
  • Registering on a gambling site is easy. Once your betting profile is ready, you need to make a deposit using the e-wallet and place a bet.

How to withdraw the winning amount from India?

If you know cricket and are fortunate enough to win a bet, then you might want to withdraw it. You can take out the money using the same modes that you used to deposit. However, credit and debit cards might not be a suitable mode because banks will easily know that you are transacting with an online bookmaker.

Things are different with e-wallets. You can easily withdraw the winning amount without letting the bank or anyone else know. The bank statement will only mention the e-wallet’s name. For instance, if you are using Neteller to withdraw the payout from 10Cric, then the bank statement will not show the latter’s name anywhere.

Keep in mind the before proceeding to withdrawals, you need to follow the routine of KYC (know your customer). It’s to make sure that you are not using illegal money to bet. The documents that you need to submit are:

  • Identity proof – driving license or passport
  • Address prod – utility bill, bank statement, or passport
  • Recent photograph

We recommend that you upload these documents on the respective bookmaking website after making the deposit. So that you don’t have to wait when it comes to withdrawals. Another thing that you should know is about the Aadhar card and PAN card. These documents are not acceptable as identity proof by any of the cricket betting websites. Even if a bookmaker accepts it, you should not use it because the transactions made after mentioning aadhar card number can be easily tracked.

Other Rupee Betting Sites to Consider

1. Bet365

Bet365Bet365 allows you to bet on many exciting sports including cricket, football, basketball, and many more. It covers all the major cricket series and fixtures including T20, ODIs, and tests. You can also bet on all the cricket leagues like IPL, TNPL, or CPL.Indian bettors can register on the Bt365 website without any problem. Plus, you can bet, win, and withdraw INR. The bookmaker accepts PhonePE, Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay card, and Visa/Master cards. You can also transfer the deposit via direct bank transfer and UPI. However, these two options are unavailable for withdrawals.

  • Welcome Bonus: 15 percent in bet credits up to 4, 000 INR
  • Minimum Deposit: 350 INR using Skrill, 400 INR using visa or master cards, 500 INR using UPI, INB, PhonePe, 600 INR using Astro Pay card, and 1, 000 INR using Neteller. The minimum amount via bank transfer is 7, 500 INR.

2. 22Bet

If you want to enjoy betting on a wide range of sports, then visit and try registering on 22Bet.com. The bookmaker is renowned for its vast football coverage. It also captures almost all the cricket matches. The odds you will find on this website is comparatively higher than other brands. So, you can expect better returns on your investment.

22Bet accepts several banking methods. Plus, the deposit and withdrawal on its website seamless, easy as well as fast. The bookmaker accepts Visa/Master cards, e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and Paytm, PayPal, Airtel Money, and Cryptocurrency.

  • Welcome Bonus: 100 percent bonus up to 10, 000 INR
  • Minimum deposit: 80 INR

3. 10Cric

10 cricAnother reputed betting site for Indian gamblers who wants to bet using Indian rupees. On 10Cric, you try your luck on cricket, football, tennis, basketball, basketball, volleyball, baseball, boxing, and a few other games. The online bookmaker covers all the cricket events including IPL, T20 Blast, CPL, The Ashes, GT20 Canada, and all other famous leagues, T20 and ODI matches.

Gamblers looking for better returns will enjoy 10Cric because it offers higher odds and multiple bonuses in case you are placing accumulators. The online bookie has banking methods that are easy to access for Indian punters. It accepts all the Visa/Master cards, Paytm, Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay card, ECO BANQ, eco payz, and online bank transfer.

  • Welcome Bonus: 100 percent bonus up to 10, 000 INR and 20 free spins
  • Minimum deposit: 500 INR with AstroPay, 1200 INR for cryptocurrency, and 1000 INR for all other methods.

4. Sportsbet.io

sportsbet.io logoA sleek website with an easy to understand interface is the primary reason why Sportsbet.io enjoys a long list of registered users. Higher odds are another benefit on this online bookmaker. Price Boost is its unique feature, which come into the picture when you place a bet. By clicking on the option, you can simply boost the existing odds. It’s right, you can maximize your earnings at sportsbet.io.

The online bookmaker accepts multiple banking methods. You can use debit/credit card issued by master or visa, e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, and Jeton, PayPal, AstrPay card, EcoBanq, and a few more. Apart from all these modes, you can also use cryptocurrency for instant deposits.

  • Welcome Bonus: Right now the bookmaker does not have any welcome bonus.
  • Minimum deposit: 5.00 INR

5. Unibet

unibet-logoAn online gambling platform that offers betting options on multiple sports including cricket, football, baseball, and several other exciting games. Unibet accepts Indian players and allows them to play in INR. So, if you are residing in India, then Unibet.com is one of the best online betting sites to try.

Making a deposit might be difficult for Indian punters, especially if you prefer PayPal. It’s because the bookmaker accepts only 4 modes of payments that include Visa cards, Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz. Overall, if you want to enjoy a world-class betting experience in the Indian rupee, then Unibet is the best place to register.
Welcome Bonus: Free bets up to 2, 500 INR. The minimum deposit to claim this offer is 500 INR
Minimum deposit: 500 INR

6. Royal Panda

royal panda logoOne of the best Indian Local Betting Sites, Royal Panda is suitable for intermediate and advanced users who know how to find the right options on a gambling website. The Panda leads the pack with a wide variety of sports to bet, including cricket, tennis, basketball, volleyball, golf, badminton, and a couple of e-sports.

Royal Panda gives you multiple betting options whether it’s cricket or any other sports. It accepts in INR but has a limited number of banking methods that include Visa/maestro/master cards, AstroPay Direct/Card, MuchBetter, Skrill, and Neteller. Still, you cannot avoid the bookmaker because of its high-quality betting services and faster withdrawals.
Welcome Bonus: Up to ₹2000 in cashback
Minimum Deposit: 1, 000 INR


How to deposit the Indian rupee at gambling sites?

Credit cards are the best payment mode if you are in India and want to use the local currency to bet. However, some of the banks do not allow any transaction to the betting sites. It’s the reason why you can try signing up on an e-wallet like Paytm, PhonePe, Skrill, or Neteller. Then, transfer the money to your e-wallet account from a bank account or card and use the same amount at any of the online bookies that we discussed today.

How to withdraw the Indian rupee from gambling sites?

An e-wallet is the best option when you need to withdraw the Indian rupee from a betting site. So, you can use Neteller or Skrill for deposit as well as withdrawal. In case you made a deposit using debit or credit cards, then you need to follow the same withdrawal method as well. However, most of the Indian banks will reject your transactions because it’s related with an online gambling site.

Do all betting sites accept Indian players?

The Indian gambling market is growing, which is beneficial for all the betting brands. But, the acceptance of players according to the country depends upon the bookmakers. Some sites do not accept Indian players, but most of the international online bookies welcome them with open hands. It’s the primary reason why we curated some of the best options for you in this post.

What is the best betting site in India?

Every gambling website has its advantages and disadvantages. It depends upon your requirements and what factors are the most important according to your preference and skillset. However, Betway, Bet365, and 10Cric are the best betting sites in India.

Which betting sites have the highest odds in India?

The odds depend upon the sports. For instance, Betway has the highest odds for cricket while Bet365 is known to offer higher odds for horse racing. To know the best odds, you need to browse different online bookmaking websites and join one of them that is offering maximum returns on your investment.

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