How to Bet on Cricket Online?

Are you new to online cricket betting? And it might be the reason why you don’t know where to pick off. Don’t worry because we are here to guide you through all the steps of creating an online gambling account. Then we will also discuss how you place online cricket bets. It’s very easy to learn, especially if you are inclined towards the game.

Initially, you need to make some choices. Then, we will show you all the steps to enjoy online cricket betting.

Step 1: Choose a trustworthy bookmaker

You will find plenty of online cricket betting sites, but not all of them are trustworthy. So, we recommend that you register on Betway, Parimatch, 1xBet, melbet and 1win.  Both Betway and Parimatch are the most reliable and offer excellent cricket betting services.

Registration on any of these websites is easy and quick. Provide some of your basic details along with an account number to create a betting profile. We recommend that you use original details to avoid any troubles in the later stages.

Step 2: Verify the account

After registering a betting account on any of the online bookmaking sites, you need to verify it under Anti-Money Laundering’ (AML) and know your customer (KYC). The online bookie needs to verify your name, address, and age because minors cannot gamble. You have two ways to verify the account. Either upload the relevant documents or send them on the verification email as recommended by the bookmaker.

You can use a photocopy of your passport, driving license, or any other government-sanctioned document for name verification. These documents are also applicable to verify your address. You can also use a recent bank statement or utility bill as an address proof. The verification process takes up to 7 days. You can place the bets in the meanwhile. However, withdrawals are only possible once all your details are verified.

Step 3: Decide the size of your bankroll

Here comes the most important part; picking up the correct bankroll. In other words, how much you can invest in a cricket bet. The size of your bankroll should be the excess money you earn. You should never put your expenses at stake.

Do not bet to earn money. Gamble only for fun. Plus, you should not use all your cash or assets at once, even if you are sure about the results.

Step 4: Make a deposit

Once you have decided the amount, transfer the same to your betting account. Online bookies offer multiple methods to make the deposit. You can use a card (visa, master, maestro), bank transfer, and e-wallets. Among all the available options, e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill are the easiest, secure, and convenient to use.

Download the Neteller app or register on their website. The e-wallet needs verification for unlimited access. Once your Neteller account is ready, you can use any of the available options to transfer some cash from your bank. The next step is to deposit the amount to your gambling account using Neteller on the bookmaking site. Enter the secure ID, click on deposit, and place your bet.

Step 5: Place a bet

Another interesting part of the gambling process is to place a bet. But, you should know the sports before betting on it. It’s ideal to learn about the game, its terminologies, playing conditions, and when to pick the winner. Always remember, your favorite team will not win always. So, think practically and logically, not emotionally to place a clever bet.

Step 6: Hold your horses

Once you place a bet, wait for the match to finish. You might win or lose. Winning the bet means you will get some extra money to withdraw. In case you lose, do not feel bad, depressed, or disappointed. Learn more about the game and place a bet wisely next time. As we were discussing earlier, do not try to earn money by betting. Take it as an additional thrill, nothing else. Love the game, but do not think about your earnings from it.

Step 7: Withdraw the winning amount

Withdrawing the cash from your gambling account is the most exciting. Isn’t it? Enjoy the extra cash by buying something useful for your lifestyle. Do not forget to manage your bankroll size, so that you can stay in the gambling world for a long time.

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