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2 Best Cricket Grounds in England and Wales

England invented cricket, which is why it has some of the most beautiful cricket stadiums. England and Wales have a lot of venues for cricket. Here, we will discuss the top twelve.   International Cricket Stadiums in England and Wales Lord’s Cricket Ground Establishment: 1814 Capacity: 31,100 Lord’s is the oldest cricket ground worldwide. It

Capped and Uncapped Player Meaning – Most Capped Test Cricketers

If you follow cricket, you might have come across terms like uncapped and capped players. But, do you what they mean? Let’s discuss.   Who are capped players in cricket? A cap is a sign that a cricketer has achieved something. In international cricket, a cap is provided to the players who make their debut.

10 Ways to Get Out in Cricket Dismissals Explained

A batter can get out in multiple ways. Previously, it was eleven. But now there are only ten ways to send an on-strike batter back to the pavilion. We will discuss all of them here. This given information is useful if you are new to cricket and want to understand its rules.   10 Ways

What is DRS in Cricket? Explanation for Beginners

The Decision Review System (DRS) is technology-based assistance in a cricket fixture. Either of the teams can use this digital process to check whether the original decision made by the on-field umpire is correct or a mistake. Since November 1992, the on-field umpires were able to check decisions with the third umpire. The players were

Fastest Century in Cricket – The Quickest ODI, T20 and Test Centuries

Who made the fastest century in one-day internationals? It’s one of the most fascinating questions in the world of cricket. So, let’s discuss all the champions in each format. We will also tell you the fastest double centuries. Unfold the excitement by reading on further.   Fastest century in ODI (One-day internationals) Getting one hundred

12. Taking Guard in Cricket – Which Batting Guard to Choose

You might have seen all the batters take some time before they face the first ball. But, do you know why? What are their finger signals and adjustments on the pitch? The batters are taking their guard. Let’s discuss what it means and why they need the guard. The guard is the spot on the

Lunch Break Time in Test Cricket – What Do Cricketers Eat

The life of a professional cricketer is not easy. Maintaining a healthy diet and keeping your body fit are the biggest challenges they face. And it’s easy to understand why. A test match lasts for five days. All the players need to perform on the ground. Hence, regular drinks and meal breaks are scheduled for

10 Best Indian Spin Bowlers of All Time

India has produced many top-notch spinners. Around 75% of the Indian cricket pitches are spin-friendly. It’s also the reason why Indian batters play spin bowling very well. Indian spinners play a crucial role in the winning cause for India. Let’s take a look at the top ten best Indian bowlers of all time.   Best

10 Wickets in an Innings – 3 players

Taking ten wickets in an inning is a daunting task and hence, a bowler rarely achieves such a feat. However, some of the talented players picked ten victims. Here is a list of three bowling champions who have celebrated ten breakthroughs within the decided number of overs.   Jim Laker The incredible performance by Jim