How do I win a bet every time?

Gambling is risky, but a thrilling way to enjoy your free time and also make some extra money. If done appropriately, it can add enormous fun and excitement to the sport you are watching. But, how to win most of your bets? How to overshadow the bookies that are tricking you to pass through a different door? Well, we will discuss some of the points today that will help you to get the best returns on your betting investment.

Know everything about your sports

Do not focus on the number of games a cricket team has won, but how well they were on the field while batting, bowling, and fielding. Were they lucky or got the winning position because they deserved it? Think about the ground, pitch, opposition, captaincy, the form of the players, and all other factors that can impact the game’s outcome.

A batsman can score well at home pitches? But, can he show the same class and temperament when playing in a different country? These are the primary details that you should consider when you want to bet on a particular batsman. Similarly, a team without in-form openers, average middle-order batsmen, or toothless bowling has low chances of winning. Looking at these details will help you to make a well-informed decision and win some high-value bets.

The favorite team will not win every team

You cannot ignore the odds given by online bookies. However, do you remember the game between Ireland and England? The latter batted first and scored a 327, which is a mammoth score. Ireland lost their first wicket on the first ball of the second inning. Still, England lost. Bangladesh beating India in 2007 is another incident that suggests that only the best team doesn’t need to win every game.

Understand this; the odds set by bookmakers are only a reflection of what they want the general players to gamble. They do not care about the outcome. It’s not as easy as it sounds because the bookies are trying to attract both sides and make more commission. So, gain some experience before you go for high-value bets.

Think small to win big

It’s common sense, but most gamblers forget to make fewer selections. More choices mean less chance of winning. If you want to win, then start with one bet at a time. Even when you are experienced, do not cross the limit of 3 or 4 bets at once. Too many predictions or multiple predictions might bring you on the back foot.

Don’t bring the emotions

Which is your favorite cricket team? No matter what is it, but you would like to see it winning every match. Right? You can even convince yourself to bet on the same team and within a few seconds, your money will be at stake. Bookies love such emotional chaps because you are the reason why their cash counter is ticking fast.

Avoid thinking from your heart. The game of cricket is unpredictable and there are maximum chances that your favorite unit might not deserve a win against an even stronger opponent.

Try betting on less popular sports

Online bookmakers are expanding their market to offer more entertainment and more cash. So, now the bookies are covering some sports that they might not have much information about. For instance, MMA is a mixed martial arts sport that is gaining a lot of attention nowadays. So, you can try such sports when cricket fixtures are not scheduled.

Do not always consider the past performance

Focus on the current game and think with all your concentration. Have faith in your analysis. Make your prediction depending upon the statistics, pitch, and current team form. It’s not always necessary that if a team is winning continuously will win the next game as well. The same goes for the losing side.


The gambling industry cannot bequeath you any winning amount without hard work. Winning a bet out of the blue without any experience rarely happens now. Plus, nothing is guaranteed in this world as well.  So, follow the above-mentioned tips for some time and gain some experience. After some time, you will able to spot the best possible bets and if fortunate enough, you will also reap some winning amount.

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