Is Bet365 legal in India?

Bet365 is one of the biggest and most reputable online bookmakers in the gambling universe. However, no matter how big the bookie is, gambling is not allowed in India. But, there are loopholes when we talk about online betting. So, is Bet365 active in India? Let’s find out.

Is bet365 legal in India?

When we talk about gambling laws in India, none of the physical betting outlets can offer its service to the Indian punters. However, there are no laws against online betting. Plus, Bet365 is not even located in India that it has to follow the local rules and regulations. It’s the reason you can register and bet on its website without any trouble.

Why choose Bet365?

As we were discussing, Bet365 is a big name in the gambling universe. Gamblers from all over the world prefer to bet on its website. The bookmaker has a user-friendly website that has several sports betting categories. Moreover, it accepts multiple payment methods. Plus, both deposits and withdrawals are fast.

Cricket is not only a sport in India. Bet365 offers online cricket betting and gives you a wide range of options to try your luck. The bookmaker also has a smartphone app that allows you to enjoy betting on the move. Moreover, it offers higher odds to bet.

Apart from cricket, you can also enjoy betting on other sports including American football, baseball, basketball, MMA, cycling, darts, golf, horse racing, and many more.


Bet365 is legal in India and can offer legit betting services in this country. Why? Because the bookmaker is not operating inside the Indian borders. So, the government does not have any control over its transactions. Yes, some of the banking units might not allow you to transact with Bet365 or any other online bookie. But, you can e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller to overcome this hurdle and place safe and legal bets in India.

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