Lunch Break Time in Test Cricket – What Do Cricketers Eat

The life of a professional cricketer is not easy. Maintaining a healthy diet and keeping your body fit are the biggest challenges they face. And it’s easy to understand why. A test match lasts for five days. All the players need to perform on the ground. Hence, regular drinks and meal breaks are scheduled for the players, which help them to relax, recover and fight. But, what do they eat at lunchtime? Let’s know all the details.


What is the duration of the lunch break in test cricket?

The lunch break in test matches lasts for 40 minutes. It’s crucial to separate two play sessions. The recess is necessary for the players to maintain their energy and perform well. Plus, the audience might not enjoy the event if the cricketers are playing without any spark. So, food intake is a must to keep the momentum going.


What is the time of lunch break in test cricket?

The time of lunch break differs according to the region. However, it’s generally taken after the game goes on for two hours. For instance, if the match starts at 9 AM, then lunch break will be scheduled for 11 AM.

The duration and time are flexible. The umpires can call an early lunch in case of rainfall. Similarly, it can take a backseat if the teams are struggling to complete the overs.



What do cricketers eat during the lunch break?

The meal depends upon the preferences, and responsibilities of a cricketer. In other words, they eat according to their activities in the upcoming two hours. For instance, batters generally eat simple and fat-free food filled with protein and carbohydrates. The same applies to the bowlers. It’s all about maintaining the energy level, and heavy food items might slow their motions.

Fish and chicken are usually included in the lunch breaks because these items are free from fat, but are high on protein. If the cricketer prefers vegetarian food, there are alternatives like pulses, vegetables, and salads. Apart from that, cereals like corn, millet, barley, and rice are available.

Then, there are fruits because they are low in calories or fat and are perfect to consume before you go out to play again. Desert is also included, but they contain minimal fat. Overall, they eat a meal full of protein, and carbohydrates, but low on fat.


Is lunch break also a part of one-day internationals?

One day internationals are not played with a lunch break. Apart from the drinks break, the players are allowed a recess of 45 minutes in between the innings. Let’s talk in detail.

The first part of an ODI lasts for 3.5 hours, which is also the first inning. Then the 45 minutes break comes into the picture followed by the second inning which also lasts for 3.5 hours. This break is flexible.

For instance, if the team batting first gets all out within the first hour of the game, there could be a break of 10 minutes. Then the second inning starts followed by the scheduled 45 minutes break.


What is tea break time in test cricket?

A tea break in test matches lasts for 20 minutes.


What time are the drinks break in test cricket?

The duration of the drink break generally lasts two to three minutes. However, the minutes spent on consuming the beverages are counted within the innings time. For instance, the time is added to the duration of the batter’s time spent on the field. Drinks break are allowed only after an hour of play.









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