10 Best Cricket Bats of 2023

Do you like the bat of Ben Stokes? Or you might prefer the blade used by MS Dhoni. No need to think much because you can purchase your favorite bat with the help of our recommendations. These are the best cricket bats of 2022 and are suitable for either net practice or professional cricket.


Gunn & Moore Diamond Original LE

Grade-1 English willow

Gunn & Moore Diamond Original LE is the best cricket bat of 2022. Sitting on top, it could be the right purchase if you want to emulate the performance of Ben Stokes in Ashes or the cricket World Cup. The Original LE is crafted with Grade-1 English willow, which feels a little soft. This willow is less dense than its competitors. Hence, the Original LE is an excellent blade you can try.

GM uses its advanced DXM manufacturing process to create the Diamond Original LE. The making process ensures you get a perfect bat with the expected size and shape. The length of the blade is 555mm. The cricket bat has a usual length of 545mm, but Ben Stokes prefer a bit long bat. Hence, it could be a suitable investment if you are unsure about picking a bat with a short blade and long handle.

The Diamond Original LE has an oval handle, fitted with a signature GM terrain grip to create excellent friction between the bat and your glove. However, this bat is slightly on the heavy side. So, it could be a perfect match if you are a well-built batter.

Newbery N-Series

Grade-4 willow

Newbery N-Series is one of the best cricket bats in this price range. If you are a seasoned batter, it could be a perfect purchase. This bat is also suitable if you are looking for a bat within a budget.

Let’s talk about some of the exciting features of the N-Series bats. These blades as significant edges worth 42mm. Its toe measures 35mm, and the spine is 4mm. So, this chunky bat has a lot of willow to support your strokes. Budget-friendly bats do not come with big profiles, but this one is an exception.

Grade-4 willow is used to manufacture N-Series bats. You might not find such a high-class willow at this price. This willow has five to six clean grain structures, wherein each grain is straight. Furthermore, this bat responds well from the middle part and bottom. So, you feel minimal impacts on your hands.





Inferno 5

Grade 2 English willow

Gray-Nicolls Powerbow Inferno 5 could be an excellent purchase if you are an established junior cricketer. This high-quality bat puts more power in your hands. Moreover, it has attractive yellow and red flame-like stickers towards the toe. The Inferno 5 is finished with a yellow grip, popular with youngsters. Hence, it could be a perfect purchase if you need a stylish bat.

The Powerbow Inferno 5 has a low-weight pickup. If you are worried about the weight of a bat, then try this one because it’s lightweight. Moreover, this bat has a feathered toe, helpful for light pickup.


Kookaburra Kahuna Pro

English willow

Kookaburra is one of the oldest sports brands, but their bat gained popularity only after Australian cricketers started to play with them. Ricky Ponting helped to create the masterpiece, Kahuno Pro in 2001. It has a short handle and low weight. In addition, this bat has the perfect balance between touch and power. Hence, a lot of batters can enjoy its strokes.

The Kahuna Pro is built using high-grade English willow. However, it has a high price tag. So, try this bat if you don’t mind paying some extra bucks for your sports gear.


New Ba

lance DC 640+ –

English willow

New Balance is one of the best bat manufacturers. Their DC 640+ is built of Grade B English willow. Moreover, it’s available at a reasonable price tag. So, this blade could be a perfect purchase if you are a club cricketer who bats only once a week. It has a low weight and excellent pickup. Plus, the DC 640+ has significant edges. Hence, it’s also perfect for power hitters.


MRF Genius Chase Master

English willow

MRF manufactures a wide range of cricket bats, but Genius Chase Master is on a different level. It’s the copy of Virat Kohli’s bat. So, this blade is heavy. Therefore, you have to be strong to play with it.

The Genius Chase Master offers incredible balance and feels significantly lightweight when you swing it. Moreover, the weight is evenly distributed. So, you will get some runs from your shots even if the contact is not in the middle.


SG Scorer Classic

Kashmir willow

Sanspareils Greenlands (SG) is a popular brand. Their Scorer Classic comes with a short handle and is suitable for leather balls. Made of high-grade Kashmir willow, this bat has a traditional shape. Furthermore, it has grain-face tape for added durability. Apart from that, the Scorer has a stylish appearance and smooth finish.


SS KWJnr0058

Grade 2 Kashmir willow

SS KWJnr0058 comes in size 3 and is manufactured using grade 2 Kashmir willow. Its willow is air dried. Plus, this blade is lightweight.

The KWJnr0058 has a significant area to play shots. Moreover, it offers incredible balance and stability. This bat features a stylish chrome sticker and a 3-tone grip. Moreover, it also includes a premium carry bag.


Spartan MSD Edition Grade 5

Kashmir willow

Spartan MSD Edition is a robust blade, perfect for leather balls. It is made of high-quality Kashmir willow for longevity. Furthermore, this bat has excellent shock absorption and it’s lightweight. Apart from that, the MSD Edition bat has a middle sweet spot and a medium spine profile. Above all, it features a Sarawak Cane Handle to deliver excellent pickup.

Spartan manufactured a similar bat for MS Dhoni. Hence, you can try it if you prefer to hit big. Moreover, this bat has a reasonable price tag.

CA Plus 3000

– English willow

CA Plus 3000 is a budget-friendly cricket bat that offers complete value of your investment. So, it could be a perfect purchase if you are an entry-level cricketer. This bat is also suitable if you are searching for a high-quality blade without paying a high amount.

The Plus 3000 is designed using English willow and has five clean grains running through its blade. The willow does not have too much marking. Moreover, the blade is very soft and responsive.

CA Plus 3000 is excellent to play all round strokes off the back as well as the front foot. It has a full spine throughout the toe. Plus, the concaving is also minimal. Hence, the bat ensures sufficient wood for every shot you play.



Everyone bats differently. So, try one of the best cricket bats as per your batting style. If you have used a blade in your past, then picking the right option is easy.

All the bats mentioned above are tried and tested, which means they can suit a wide range of batters. We hope you can pick one of them without any hassles. Once you purchase the bat, do not forget to knock it before stepping on the pitch.






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