Best Live In Play Betting Sites & Apps

The betting process was lengthy in the past. Punters used to place a bet and wait until the cricket match ends. It’s right because there were only a few bets available and the most preferred was to predict who would win the game.

Things are different nowadays because live or in-play betting has revolutionized the gambling industry. Now, you can enjoy a wide range of betting options that were impossible in the past. What will be the score in the next over? How many runs are possible in the next bowl? And much more. Live betting sites and apps give you a new thrill and adventurous cricket betting experience altogether.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best live in-play betting sites first, and then we will discuss some of the apps as well.

1. Bet365 in-play betting

One of the biggest cricket betting platforms, Bet365 is also the best live in play betting site. The online bookie has set high standards when we talk about live odds and betting. Moreover, it also has the largest selection of cricket bets.

If you want to enjoy an amazing experience of live betting, then Bet365 is the site you should try. To watch live streaming on Bet365 you must have funded your betting account or place a bet in the last 24 hours. You can play and bet live on a wide variety of sports including cricket, football, tennis, and many more.

2. Betfair in play betting

betfairNo surprise to see Betfair here because it’s one of the best live in play betting sites that serve well for newcomers as well as experienced gamblers. Betflair is one of the biggest betting exchange wherein you can also bet against other punters. If you like live betting on cricket, football, tennis, or any other sports, then it’s time to try this platform. 

Betflair has a huge live betting market. Plus, it offers live streaming as well. However, the broadcast availability varies according to the region. But, every live game is available inside Britain. If you are residing anywhere else, then it’s better to browse the website and check yourself.

3. Unibet in play betting

unibet-logoIf you want to enjoy high quality live betting experience, then Unibet is another website to try. The online bookie does not have any weakness as far as live in play betting is concerned. Its website is user-friendly and has a wide range of betting options.

Unibet offers competitive odds and also has a Cash Out feature that is beneficial for live bettors. Whether it’s cricket, football, cycling, rugby, snooker, boxing, or motorsports, this betting brand has all the sports available for in-play betting. In other words, it’s the place where you might register if you want to enjoy uninterrupted live gambling.

4. LeoVegas in play betting

leovegas logoFor many years, LeoVegas was only an online casino. But now the bookmaker also offers sports gambling with a great range of bet selection. It’s one of the primary reasons why the bookie is leading from the front when it comes to the number of registered users. Plus, its mobile-friendly site offers you the best betting services when compared to other platforms.

You can try live in-play betting on the desktop version of LeoVegas or the mobile app. Both the versions get regular updates for odds. However, this online bookie does not have a live streaming feature. Still, some various stats and graphics allow you to follow the game.

5. ComeOn in play betting

Before we talk about the ComeOn betting site, we suggest that you visit its website and check the live betting section. You will understand that the online bookie has an easy to navigate interface. Simply select the preferred sports and you can see all the live matches happening around the world. Unfortunately, ComeOn does not have a live streaming feature. However, you can see the stats on its website.

6. William Hill in play betting

william-hill-logoOne of the oldest gambling platforms, William Hill primarily focuses on football. However, you can find all the other sports under its in-play section. The online bookie allows you to bet on all the matches across the globe. Plus, this bookmaker offers decent odds and it’s the primary reason why you should try it.

William Hill offers a lot of bets depending upon the sports. It shows you all the helpful statistics that you need for prediction. Plus, the bookmaker also has high-quality live streaming that you can enjoy after registering on its website.

7. Paddy Power in pay betting

paddy-power-logoNone of the punters wants to deal with a naughty online bookie. It’s the reason why we have included Paddy Power. Apart from a clean record, this online bookie offers a fresh and clean live betting section. Its interface is specially designed to assist fast live betting, which is very helpful when you are gambling live.

Cash-out and live streaming are the other attractive features that you can enjoy at Paddy Power. Plus, it has endless payment modes depending upon your region. Don’t worry about your deposits or winning amount because the Irish bookmaker was founded way back in 1988 and it has a reputation to save.

8. Betiton in play betting

If you want to enjoy a fantastic live betting experience, Beiton is another online bookie that allows in play gambling in a wide range of sports and leagues. The bookie can spoil you easily as it offers multiple betting options including single, combo, and system. Its match track feature allows you to see all the updates and stats as the game progresses.

Beiton does not have the live streaming feature, which is the only drawback you can find. The bookie tries to compensate for the same by offering a very precise and user-friendly live betting section. Plus, it also allows you to cash out a bet in case the plan isn’t working positively.

9. Ladbrokes in play betting

ladbrokes-logoAll the bookmakers mentioned here offer live betting, but Ladbrokes overshadows most of them when it comes to quality in play gambling. One of the oldest gambling lads, Ladbrokes is not only huge, it’s the megastar of the betting universe. And you will agree with us after checking its website.

Ladbrokes offers all the attractive features including cash out, live streaming, a wide range of sports to bet, and a variety of betting options. Whether you are a fan of cricket, football, or tennis, the online bookie covers all of them. Apart from living betting, Ladbrokes also has pre-match bets available.

10. Coral in play betting

Another well-known and reputable bookmaker, Coral has one of the best in-play betting sections. It covers all the major sports and leagues that leave you feel complete while checking the website. Plus, there are multiple betting options to keep you excited.

Keep in mind that Coral is only available for the UK and Irish punters. Plus, it does not accept PayPal and some of the other common banking methods. Cash-out feature is also missing here.

Best live in play betting apps (Android & iOS)

Similar to websites, smartphone applications are also available from a variety of online bookmakers. These apps allow you to bet even when you are traveling.

  1. Bet365

A bookmaking brand with a very high reputation, Bet365 continues its supremacy by offering one of the finest betting apps for live betting. How a small screen can contain all the bookmaking content? It’s the primary question everyone asks. But, you will be a fan of this bookmaker after checking its intuitive,  user-friendly app and the way all the services are contained in limited screen space.

Bet365 never sacrifices any of the in play betting options in its app. Apart from that, it offers over 140, 000 live streams every year on your smartphone. The betting app is also at its peak when it comes to design and customer support.

2. Betfair

We can clearly state that Betfair is a legend in the bookmaking universe. And it’s not an overstatement because the online bookmaker is the first betting exchange. So, you can bet against other punters instead of the bookie. You will be surprised to know that the Cash Out feature is also invented by Betfair.

The betting exchange cum bookmaker is a beacon when we talk about excellence and technology. Its app offers gambling on all sports and has a broad variety of bets. Plus, the bookie covers all the cricket matches. You will find all the cricketing events that are unavailable on other betting apps.

3. William Hill

Home of mobile betting; it’s what William Call claims and looking at the sea of sports and betting options, you will agree with the online bookmaker. One of the most respected bookies based in the UK, William Hill is keeping up well in the mobile betting universe. With years of experience, the bookmaker has managed to develop an app that checks all the boxes to deserve your attention.

Whether you are an Android user or you have an iPhone, William Hill is seamless and offers a smooth live betting experience. The app has a simple appearance and is easy to use even after giving you a lot of content. Apart from that, it offers multiple exciting features including Bet Boost, cash in, live streaming, and free bets for new users.

4. LeoVegas

Known for their online casino, LeoVegas also has an excellent bookmaking app that most of the players are not aware of. It offers a terrific section of live betting and a vast range of betting options to enjoy the game. High odds and live streaming are the other attractive features.

LeoVegas real money casino and sports betting app have an attractive and easy to navigate interface. It’s fast and has all the deposits and withdrawal methods for your convenience. Apart from that, the online bookie offers 24 by 7 support from its UK based offices.

5. Coral

You will be instantly impressed after seeing the Coral Sports & Casino app because it looks complete. Plus, the app offers brilliant selections of betting options online as well as via physical gambling outlets throughout the UK. So, you can imagine multi-talented this bookmaker is.

The coral app is very user-friendly and easy to use, even if you are not friendly with new technologies. There are too many things to navigate. Still, the developers have managed to contain all of them on the small screen. So, if you have an idea to use your smartphone for live betting, then Coral has one of the best apps to try.

6. Ladbrokes

Today’s next application comes from another British bookmaker, Ladbrokes. The bookmaking app attracts you with its design and smoothness. A fast betting app is really helpful when you are betting live. Plus, you don’t have to wait while navigating to different options. Hence, it’s one of the favorites for both newcomers and experienced punters.

Ladbrokes allows you to spread your betting mind across multiple sports. Plus, the betting options are also several, which keeps you engaged all the time. Apart from that, the app is easy to use and its interface is very user friendly. The online bookie might not have invented anything new here, but you cannot deny the fact that it’s one of the fastest apps for Android or iOS.

7. Paddy Power

The betting application offered by Paddy Power has all the modern features that can give you a comprehensive gambling experience. Ireland’s biggest online bookie is active for over 30 years now. Its app reflects the experience level and gives you a fantastic platform to enjoy in play betting.

Paddy Power stream over 100, 000 sporting events every year. You can enjoy all of them without any hassles because its app has an intuitive design and excellent response time. If you want one the best live betting experiences, then try the Paddy Power sports betting app.

8. Betfred

Winner of Innovation in Mobile Award 2012, Betfred needs no introduction if you are an experienced punter. Even after 8 years, we feel that this bookmaker has the same quality, quantity, and creativity that can redefine your live betting experience on the move. It’s the reason why Betfred app is touching sky-high popularity among gamblers.

Double Delight & Hat-Trick Heaven promotions are the primary attractions of this betting app. Both the features apply to football matches, wherein if the goal scorer scores first and then repeat, the bookmaker will double your initial odds. You will get triple odds if there is a hat trick of goals.

9. BetVictor

Ask any of the experienced punters who have tried multiple live betting apps and you will hear about BetVictor. And don’t feel surprised if most of them states that it has the best betting app for Android or iOS. Why? Because BV has a smooth application that gives a variety of sports and betting options.

Then, the application has an interesting feature like bet builder that allows you to create a unique bet and odds. Quick cash out and partial cash out are the other options that give you the option to stop the bet and take out the winning amount even before the bet dissolves. Live streaming and multiple welcome bonus offers are the other parts where it overshadows other competitors.

10. 888sport

A new entry in the gambling universe, but 888Sport offers high quality live betting experience. There are chances that you might be unaware of the bookmaker, especially if you are a new punter. However, this online bookie has a long list of loyal users because it offers more than 2000 live broadcasts every week.

888sport has a very responsive support function, which is available 24 by 7. This means, not only you can bet whenever and wherever you want, but the support is also available all the time if anything goes wrong. Besides that, it also offers free bets worth £30 if you play with £10.


Live betting tips

Do you want to be successful at live betting? Well then, you need to follow some of the basic guidelines. We will give you some tips here. However, you need to think on your own, especially if you want to overshadow the bookie and win some big amounts.

  • Take benefits of the welcome bonus and free bets: Almost all the online bookmakers offer sign-up bonus that include free bets or credits. So, browse all the sites to see who gives you the best welcome offer. Register on an online bookmaker who has the best deal for new users.
  • Research and gain knowledge about the game: You cannot predict or win a bet if you don’t have the required knowledge. So, it’s better to understand the game before you try your luck. You can find information about any of the games online. Place a bet only after deep research about teams, players, and conditions. In other words, knowledge is the primary power in the case of live betting.
  • Don’t try what you don’t understand: Going for something new is very exciting, but it’s not feasible when your hard-earned money is at stake. So, it’s recommended that you try something that you already know. For instance, watch a few matches before you try your luck. If you want to bet on a cricket match then observe few ODIs, T20s and T20s. Learn how the pitch reacts to various conditions, and only then place a bet.
  • Do not trust any other live betting site: One of the very important points, but most of the punter overlook it. Online scams are not new and hence, you should avoid registering on unknown platforms. Browse the websites that we recommended today because we have included them after lots of researches and expert feedbacks.
  • Don’t bet more than your ability: Staying within limits is the golden boundary for all the punters, but most of them ignore it. Decide an amount that you can easily allocate for live betting. Do not bet using the funds that are required for your daily needs.

You only have to enjoy in play betting. Running into financial trouble is not your aim here. Understand the same and stick to it.

Pros and cons of live betting

Everyone and everything has a good and a bad side. Live betting is no exception. After many years of gambling experience, we have collected all its positive and negative impacts on your lifestyle. We will talk about the benefits first and then we will also discuss the disadvantages.

Pros of live betting

  • Extra betting options: In play betting allows you to explore new betting opportunities. A few years back the things were different. For instance, punters were supposed to pick one outcome, the final score, or who will take the most wickets or score more runs in cricket. But, now you can place and win a bet within seconds. For example, you can try your luck on the runs scored in the next bowl. Such a bet will take no time to finish.
  • Cash out feature: Live betting has evolved a lot since its inception. Another feature that’s attractive to punters across the globe is cash-out because it allows you to enjoy your profits without losing an entire bet. Plus, it also gives you an option to cut down the losses if things are not going according to your plan.

 For instance, if you bet on Australia to win a cricket match, but soon after you          realize that the opposition team is in the riding seat. So, instead of losing the bet, you can cash out to reduce the financial damage. Similarly, you can reap the benefits if Australia is leading the game.

  • Thrilling and adventurous: In play betting is a money generator for many punters. But, lots of players love it because of the added fun and enjoyment. Live betting takes the thrill to a different level altogether. It makes a sports event interesting, even if they match a dead rubber.

Once you try live betting a few times, you will not want to wait or go back to regular gambling methods. It’s like watching color TV; once you experience it, the chances of going back to the black and white version are minimal. The online bookies understand the same and try to offer the best in terms of live streaming, radio commentary, and updated stats that can help you to place and win bets.

Mobile friendly: In play betting came into existence after smartphones. So, all the live gambling sites are optimized for mobile platforms including Android and iOS.


Cons of live betting

You should remember a few things before trying your luck via in play betting.

  • Overwhelming process: Sports, betting sites, odds, notifications, planning, deposits, or withdrawals in the gambling process is fun, but it can be overwhelming as well. So, switch off your gambling watch after regular intervals. Your betting account will not vanish if it’s left idle for a few days. There are too many sports happening across the globe. So, do not allocate all your leisure or productive hours to it. Enjoy your work, spent time with friends or family, and resume betting with a fresh mind.
  • Can be addictive: Do you tend to get addicted? If yes, then you need to think twice before attempting any form of gambling. Betting sites are available 24 by 7 and hence, you might not be able to get out of this exciting world. An addictive gambler is nothing less than trouble. So, be responsible and try your luck only to enjoy.


Challenges to live to bet

In play betting has some challenges. It’s important to understand the limitations of live betting so that you can plan accordingly.

  • Finding the right opportunity: You might not be able to spot an opportunity, especially if you are an inexperienced punter. Finding the right time to bet might be even harder if you are focusing on more than one sport at once. So, it’s recommended that you try only one sport when you are a newcomer to the gambling world. Be familiar with one sport, know when to place bets, and win them.
  • Getting lost in the game: Might not happen to everyone, but we have seen punters forgetting their game plan while watching the event. For instance, if you are losing then you should immediately find an opportunity to fill the loss because everything is unpredicted in sports.

We recommend that you plan the bet before the game starts. Later if you think that the strategy might not work in this game, then try the cash-out feature that’s offered by multiple online bookies.

  • Can’t ignore online frauds: An illegitimate bookmaking website tries to find a way to take advantage of punters who are not aware of online betting. Recently an online bookie cheated a player out of €2,500. The bookies waited for the match to finish and announced that the bet was “past posted”, which means the bet was made on an event that’s already over.

If genuine gambling management notices something similar, they will cancel the bet right away so that the punter can look and try other options without losing any money.

Keep in mind that we are not throwing bad light on live betting. Our only motive is to ensure best betting time for our readers. It’s the reason why we want you to be knowledgeable. So that you can set the right expectations in play betting.



What is in play betting?

Live or in play betting is takes place in the same way as any other gamble. Yes, there is only one difference. Live betting happens when you are predicting the outcome during a cricket match or any other sports event.

Live betting is enormously famous nowadays because it offers maximum thrill and adventure to the punters. If you have knowledge about the game and you understand the playing conditions as well as the team, then it’s the best betting form to enjoy.

Why should I try live betting?

Live or in play betting is famous among all gamblers because it has something for everyone. No matter whether you are a knowledgeable professional or a newcomer who have fewer ideas about odds, in play betting gives you the required thrill and excitement. You can win big if you know how the game goes and which team can play better according to the conditions.



Live in play betting is a big deal in today’s betting market. We are sure that it will stay, grow and play a significant role in the future. Still, some of the online bookies have not tried to embrace it. However, they will soon start pampering live betting because of its rising popularity.

In play betting has multiple opportunities and barriers similar to any other gambling form. You can win using your knowledge, senses, planning, and team. But, at the same time, there are chances to lose because nothing is predictable in sports. Pick one of the best live in play betting sites & apps that we discussed today to experience it. Best of luck.


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