14 Best Sites for Cricket Betting Tips and Today’s Match Prediction

Are you in love with cricket? Do you also want to get a maximum thrill from today’s match? Well, all of us want to get the maximum benefits from whatever we do, including cricket betting. If you want to enjoy the game more by betting on your favorite team, then you are in the right place.

Gamblers need regular updates and hints that can help them to predict the outcomes. It’s the reason have collected some of the best prediction websites that can take your betting experience to a new level. We will discuss what these sites have to offer? How many cricket tournaments they cover? And how true are their predictions?

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You can find numerous such websites on the internet that talk about cricket betting tips and predictions. However, we have done deep research, and talked to experienced gamblers, to gain real insight about all such websites. Only after that, we collected these pages because they contain valuable information that can benefit your betting lifestyle. You will be happy to know that professional cricket gamblers also take clues from these sources before placing a bet.

The Top 10 – Highly Recommended

1. Onlinecricketbetting.net

Founded by Jon and Adrian in 2009, Onlinecrcketbetting.net is the world’s leader when we talk about cricket betting tips. The website has a similar motive to us;offer the best suggestions and recommendations on online cricket betting. If you need quality cricket betting advice anywhere in the world, then just open this one and you will be amazed to see their up to date information and predictions that can help you in placing cricket bets.

Onlinecricketbetting.net covers more than 34 cricket tournaments and provides high-quality betting advice for every match. We agree that the website is unable to cover all the series and leagues, but the left out fixtures are low in number. Due to a professional approach, your winning percentage drastically increases if you are following the tips given on this website. it’s the reason even professional cricket gamblers follow Onlinecricketbetting.net.

2. Cricketbetting.net

Started in 2013, but within 7 years Cricketbetting.net has a huge fan following because it offers stellar cricket betting guidance. Whether you need to know about top bookmakers, cricket odds, or tips about live betting, this website offers what you need to place online bets. As it has all the information, you don’t have to refer to multiple sites or resources before placing a cricket bet.

Cricketbetting.net is perfect for beginners as well as professional gamblers. It’s because the website goes through deep research before recommending anything. Do you know the primary benefit? The betting consultant suggests everything based on the current performance of a team or player. If you want to learn cricket betting basics, then there are some online tutorials as well.


Antony Portno founded OLBG with a motive in mind that it can help all the online cricket bettors. If you want to make some wise betting decisions, then it’s the place where you should register and follow. As the website is 18 years old now, it has high repute among the cricket gamblers. It’s the reason why OLBG is catering to more than 500, 000 players in one or the other way. This site can easily claim to be the most knowledgeable cricket community in the United Kingdom.

OLBG has a team of professional gamblers who share their experience and knowledge so that you can do well in your gambling carrier. Apart from seeing the cricket betting tips, you can also enjoy free bets on this website. If there is a major cricket series or league ahead, OLBG gives you helpful insights about the matches. You can always count on the tips and suggestions given here.

4. Cricket World

The website came into existence in 1996, but it was founded as a magazine way back in 1987. Cricket World is focused on cricket and they offer everything that you need to place a benefitting cricket bet. Whether you need predictions, live scores, or a betting guide, the website has all of them. All the major cricket series, leagues, and tournaments are covered, so you don’t have to consult other online betting magazines.

Cricket World is headquartered in the UK but is reputable worldwide because it’s one of the oldest. Plus, the website authors have the required experience that can help you win some bets. The online magazine covers over 30 tournaments that happen across 17 countries worldwide. So, if you are looking for one of the most reliable and consistent sources that can provide you some high-quality cricket betting tips, then signup on Cricket World.

5. Bettingtop10

Based in India, Bettingtop10 offers regular tips on cricket betting. The website primarily focuses on cricket, but you can also find predictions about football games. If you need reliable betting tips and reviews related to a different gambling site, Bettingtop10 is one of the best places to browse.

Apart from cricket betting tips, you can also find vital information about how to register on different online bookmakers. The betting guides on the website explain to you about the odds and how they work. Due to such a variety of information on cricket betting, Bettingtop10 is perfect for beginners as well as experienced players.

6. Betway Blog

As you can understand from the name, Betway Blog is an information-sharing division of Betway. It’s an active member of the European Sports Security Association and tries to help all the sports professionals in the UK. Cricket is not the only focus on this blogging site. You can also find the latest tips about rugby, golf, tennis and many more sports.

We all know Betway is one of the most reliable and trustworthy bookmaking websites. Well, you can expect the same from its blog. However, the coverage of cricket matches is lower that might not be sufficient for experienced gamblers. So, if you are a professional better, then Betway Blog might not have enough tips and information.

 7. Betfair Blog

Who doesn’t know about Betfair? Established in 2016, it’s a top-notch online bookmaker. Betfair Blog is where the bookmaker covers multiple sports and supplies all the information you need to place some online bets.

Betfair Blog is highly similar to Betway Blog. The former also covers a wide range of games and provide not so much cricket betting tips. Most of the matches are covered because Betfair Blog has a wide cricket coverage, especially in the UK. You might not get regular betting predictions, but it might not be sufficient for professional gamblers.

8. BettingPro.com.au

An Australian based sports betting tips provider, BettingPro.com.au offers reliable information that has been trusted by the experts for many years. You will find tips and predictions for all the latest cricket tournaments, series, or leagues. The online sports magazine covers most of the cricket matches, especially if it’s happening in Europe.

If you are a beginner in the gambling world, then BettingPro.com.au can be a foundation for your betting journey. Professionals bettors might not be satisfied with the tips because they need a little more insight. But, experienced gamblers can still take some advantage because the provided suggestions are reliable. In case you need to follow domestic or less famous cricket matches, then it’s not the right website to browse.

9. Betting Pro

Here comes another online betting tips website that was established in 2006. It offers major updates ad predictions for most of the major cricket matches. If you need some relevant information on what and how to bet, then Betting Pro is one of the best places to browse. It’s a good site for beginners, but professionals might not feel satisfied with Betting Pro because this one covers only 10 cricket tournaments that are marginally lower than the competitors.

The cricket coverage is less on Betting Pro. Still, it has earned a high reputation among professionals because of reliable and helpful tips. Apart from cricket, the website covers football, boxing, rugby, and even politics. It’s the reason why Betting Pro can keep its reader happy and satisfied for almost 14 years now.

 10. TheTopBookies

Today’s next online magazine covers almost every major tournaments and tells you about the betting predictions of all the upcoming matches. TheTopBookies is suitable for Indian gamblers because first, it lets you know about the best betting sites in the country. Then, the website also has an option to join its newsletter via Telegraph. You can connect with TheTopBookies team to receive free cricket betting tips.

In the top section of this website, you will see the tab of cricket betting tips wherein all the upcoming matches are listed with their betting predictions. Then, there is an option of cricket live scores that shows all the ongoing matches and also allows you to bet. Preview is also available, which is helpful for both new and experienced gamblers.

Additional – Require More Research

11. Criclines.com

Another professional online magazine for match predictions and match forecasts. If you want to take some hints before placing an online cricket bet, then Criclines.com might be the best website that you can check. The website does not mention much about its inception or founding personalities. However, looking at its approach and clear information about the betting tips, our experts suggest that this will move up in the rank within a few years.

12. Cricdiction.com

Focused on cricket and football, Cricdiction.com provides regular updates upon the upcoming matches. It’s not very famous among the gamblers but has betting predictions that can help you to win some stakes. As the website does not cover many cricket tournaments, it’s best for beginners. If you are a newcomer in the betting universe, then the easy to understand tips on Cridiction.com will do the trick.

13. Crickpick.in

Crickpick.in is a reliable and consistent online betting forecast provider. It offers all the predictions that you need to place an online cricket bet. While reading their posts, you will also come to know about the pitch, which is very helpful while placing bets. However, the overall content is not much beneficial for professional cricket gamblers.

Apart from the website, Crickpick.in also has a fantasy app MyFab11, wherein you can participate and win every day. It’s a smart tactic to attract young players, which is working so far in the favor of Crickpick.in. MyFab11 has a long list of registered players.

14. CricketBetting.org

If you are looking for the best cricket tips and top quality predictions, then CricketBetting.org is the website you should browse. The online magazine has all the latest news. Plus, it also suggests you the best online bookmakers in India. So that you can check all of them in one place.

This online betting tips provider has clear information about the bookmakers and their banking methods, which is very useful for newcomers. For instance, you can check the betting sites that accept.


Put the right step when you are inside the gambling universe. You need all the facts to place a winning bet. One wrong thought could cost you a lot, especially if you put a lot of money at stake. It’s the reason why our experts have recommended some of the best cricket betting tip providers.

Based on the consistency, experience, reliability, professionalism, and authority, we rate Onlinecricketbetting.net as the best reference site for cricket betting. Apart from that, you can also browse Cricketbetting.net and Cricket World. Keep in mind that we can only suggest. Cricket betting is not an easy game, so do proper research before you try your luck.

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