Why Cricket Betting is so Popular in India?

Cricket enjoys a special place in the mind and soul of Indian sports lovers. No matter what is the location or venue, Indians are always ready to bleed blue for their cricket team. So, it not surprising to know why cricket betting is widely practiced in this country. However, gambling is illegal in India. Still, lots of punters try their luck on high voltage cricket matches where the odds are high, especially on cricket betting websites that offer safe transactions. A UK based betting website claims that it receives 5000 new signups and 5, 0000 visitors from India within 30 days.

In other words, cricket gambling is very popular in India. But, do you know the reasons? Well, we will discuss the same today..

Reasons for cricket betting popularity in India:

1. Convenient and easy to access

Almost all the major cricket betting sites accept Indian punters. Some of the bookmakers also have a smartphone app. As a result, there are endless opportunities wherein you can easily open a website on your smartphone or computer and put some money at stake. You can download the 10Cric betting app and bet virtually anywhere in India.

As cricket is popular in this country, most people watch it since their childhood. Hence, they understand the game. So, the chances of winning a bet are high.

2. Easy to understand

Cricket is easy to understand. We can say the same for its betting. Place the bet and you will either win or lose. You will simply feel attracted towards betting after winning some extra cash. In case you lose, you might win the next one with better focus and understanding. Being lucky is not the only qualification to win some cricketing bets. Once you gain some experience and understand the odds, it becomes easy. For Indians, the process is even easier because they are one of the primary audiences of this game.

3. Wide broadcast and streaming

Most of the bookmakers offer live streaming to the registered players. Apart from the bookmakers, multiple channels broadcast all the cricket matches. Also, there are multiple apps in India that stream live cricket simply after paying a small subscription amount. So, you can work while watching cricket matches and also win some bets.

Online Cricket Betting Data

(Data were taken From the Statista.com)

4. Online cricket betting is safe

Cricket gambling is illegal in India. Still, most of the online cricket betting websites accept new registrations from India. Do you know why? Because there are no set of rules created anywhere in Indian laws that has anything against online betting. So, not only you can support your favorite team, but also earn some extra cash without many risks.

5. Great way to enjoy free time

Watching cricket matches is one of the most preferred recreational activities for the Indian audience. Die-hard cricket lover takes leaves from offices or shut down the business only to watch cricket matches, especially if it’s between India vs Pakistan or India vs Australia. So, youngsters are generally attracted to betting as it’s a not only a tricky yet easy way to earn money that also offers complete entertainment until the last over.

6. The attraction of the Indian gambling market

The Indian gambling market is huge and is estimated to be huge with a worth of $60 billion US dollars every year. This is a huge amount that can attract anyone in this world. So, all the Indian players think the same and want a bit such unrealistic revenue generation.



As we can clearly understand, cricket betting is illegal in India. Still, lots of local punters enjoy this form of entertainment without any trouble. And now you know all the reasons as well. If you are a residing in India, then you simply need to create a betting profile on any of the top-notch bookmaking sites like 10Cric or Betway and make some extra cash via cricket gambling.

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