07 Best Cricket Live Streaming Betting Sites in 2023

The excitement doubles when you bet on a cricket match while watching it live. Fortunately, many cricket live streaming betting sites allow you to gamble as the game progresses. Today, we will discuss some of the best online platforms wherein you can try your luck while watching live matches.

1. Bet365

Here comes the king of the gambling universe, when we talk about live streaming. Bet365 is very serious about the live stream and it’s the reason you will find a separate section for live-play on the bookmaker’s website. Well, just adding a live-playing option on the website is not enough because more than 180, 000 matches happen every year. But, Bet365 covers all those events to offer more live games than any other bookmaker.

Sometimes Bet365 cannot acquire the rights to broadcast live matches. So, it provides you with audio streaming in such cases. Looks like the bookmaker is doing everything to keep your betting instincts alive.

2. Unibet

Most of the online bookmakers try to get the broadcasting right only for the major sports events. On the contrary, Unibet tries to cover a wide range of sports happening across the globe. It covers popular sports like cricket, football, and basketball. Besides, the bookmaker focuses on niche games like darts and snooker.

Unibet is digitally rich and now it’s available on three different apps for sports, casino, and poker. So, you can watch live matches and try your luck on the move. The mobile version gives you similar options but is adjusted to fit your smartphone or tablet.

3. William Hill

Today’s next recommendation is not only one of the best cricket live streaming betting sites, but it also a top-notch broadcaster for greyhound racing and tennis. William Hill makes things easy for you by announcing the streaming schedule in advance. So, you have enough time to plan your bet and execute it according to the conditions.

William Hill has a radio section, which is especially available for users who cannot watch live streaming due to lack of free time. Plus, WH Radio also gives you an option to bet on matches that are not streamed. Apart from that, the bookmaker offers live horse and greyhound racing for free. You only need to create an account on its website to watch the free stream.

4. Betfair

How can we leave the biggest betting exchange behind? Betfair can overshadow most other bookmakers due to its live streaming services. Try registering at its website and you will never be at loss.

You will be more excited to know that Betfair has managed to combine live-streaming with its betting exchange. This means, not only you can watch live matches and place bets, but also try your luck against other gamblers. If you are a fan of horse or greyhound racing, then try registering on Betfair.com and you will never feel disappointed.

5. Paddy Power

Gamblers love to watch two live matches at once. Paddy Power offers the same that also without changing the taps or windows. What’s more? The bookmaker offers English commentary on all the matches, which is great. Sometimes, online bookies cannot get the broadcasting right and commentary in English. The case is different with Paddy Power because the bookmaker knows how important it is for the bettors.

The requirements to access live streaming differ according to your country and which sports or game you want to watch. For instance, if you are residing in the UK or Ireland and want to watch horse racing, then you need to place a minimum bet of £1. Be it any game, the broadcast quality is good and you will never find much lag.

6. 888Sport

Another solid option for players who wants to enjoy live streaming of horse racing and many other sport. 888Sport is continuously improving the broadcast quality. It’s the primary reason why gamblers across the globe prefer this online bookie. Plus, the betting brand also has a smartphone app that allows you to watch any game and bet on the move.

Live streams depend upon your residing country. For instance, German citizens cannot watch Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 on 888Sport. Apart from that, some of the football leagues are not available on this bookmaker. The biggest example is Premier League football, which is cannot be broadcasted live by 888Sport.

7. Betfred

Well, this one stands lower in this list, but that does not mean the bookmaker is lazy or slouchy in terms of live streaming. Betfred broadcasts thousands of gaming events every year. So, you can easily keep it in the same row with gambling biggies like Bet365 and Unibet.

Betfred is an all-rounder while selecting the live streams. Following the footsteps of Paddy Power, Betfred covers a wide range of sports events. If you are choosing a bookmaker based on its live-streaming abilities, then you can try and register on Betfred.

What is Live Streaming at Betting Sites?

Live streaming is one of the latest advancements in the world of online betting. The bookmaking brands put a lot of effort to make their live streaming section attractive and convenient to access. The primary reason is your comfort because it becomes easier to predict when you are watching the game live.

The betting sites offer live streaming; means they are allowing you to watch ongoing matches or races on their website or app. The video plays on the same page or opens up as a separate page. If you are gambling on the computer with multiple monitors, then it’s easy for you to watch the event on one separate screen. Apart from that, you can also watch a cricket match or any other game on a smartphone or tablet.

Streaming Time Delay

Have you ever tried to watch live streaming on a betting site? If yes, then you might have noticed a lag of a few seconds in the stream. It happens because most of the gambling sites have a live stream delay of 30 seconds. Plus, the bookmakers’ takes 10 to 15 seconds to accept any in-play bets. The bookies take some time to manage and update the latest odds.

In other words, you can expect a delay of up to 45 seconds while watching cricket live streaming on a betting website. Some of the online bookies have reduced the lag and kept it within 30 seconds. However, several sites delay the cricket live streams up to 60 seconds.

Cricket live streaming on tablets and mobiles

Most gamblers prefer smartphones to place bets. Things were different in the past. Betting sites used to offer a full-fledged desktop version of their websites, but the mobile version or app was available with a limited number of services. Fortunately, the time has changed and now all the online bookies mentioned above offers cricket live streaming on smartphone apps or mobile versions of their website.

The experience of watching live cricket streams depends upon the bookmaker. For instance, some of the Android betting apps perform better on smartphones, but they don’t work up to the mark on tablets. So, when you are trying to bet using a tablet, we suggest that you use a browser instead of an app.

Most of the online bookies do not allow you to watch cricket streams on a full screen similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime. It’s because these sites exist to offer you betting services, not live broadcasts. So, you might not be able to watch cricket matches in full screen on tablets. But, a full-screen view is available on smartphones because of a small screen.

Advantages of using bookmakers who offer cricket live streaming

There are several benefits of registering on a betting site that offers live streaming for cricket. However, if you are signed up on a bookie that does not offer live broadcast, or in case you are new to the betting universe, you should know why it’s rated so high by the gamblers as well as booking platforms alike.

a. Cost-Effective: As we stated earlier, cricket liv streaming is free on most of the betting sites. So, there is no need to pay for an expensive sports package for TV. You only need to check the requirements of online bookies and plan your bets or investments accordingly.

b. Effective betting: A bet can be successful only if you plan well and react on time. Watching live cricket matches is the only way to bet effectively. You can easily choose and modify the bets only if you can watch the fixture.

c. Convenient and easy to access: Thanks to the cricket live streaming betting sites, you do no need televisions any more. Moreover, you can watch the matches anywhere on your smartphone or any other portable device. So, you can bet on cricket fixtures even if you are traveling or not in front of the TV.

What sports are generally streamed?

Football rules the betting world when it comes to live-stream. Every year, more than 80 percent of the in-play bets are placed on football. It’s the primary reason why all the UK based bookmakers are investing a high amount to get the broadcasting right of football fixtures. Online bookies like Bet365 offers access to unlimited football matches once you register on its website. This means you can try your luck in the comfort of your home. If you are away, then you can use the smartphone app to bet. Apart from cricket, there are a few more sports that are popular in terms of live streaming.

a. Cricket: Test matches last for 5 days. Still, most of the betting sites offer live streaming for cricket because T20 and ODI broadcasts are extremely popular among gamblers. Whether you want to bet on IPL, Big Bash League, Champions Trophy, or World Cup, all the fixtures are available on the top five websites that we discussed today.

b. Horse racing: One of the latest additions, but horse racing live streaming is very popular because it becomes easy for the punters to predict the outcome while watching a race. Bet365 and Betfair are the best sites where you can enjoy live horse racing.

c. Tennis: You can easily find a bookmaker that offers live streaming of tennis. It’s one of the primary reasons why in-play on live tennis matches are popular among gamblers, especially in the UK. William Hill is one of the best bookmakers for tennis live streaming. You can try any other site depending upon your region and choices.

Rugby, greyhound racing, e-sports, basketball, and ice hockey are the other sports that are generally streamed live by online bookmakers.

Live Streaming Betting Sites FAQs

What’s the best betting site for cricket live streaming?

According to our experts and most of the gamblers, Bet365 is the best cricket live streaming betting site. You will not disagree with us after signing up on the bookmaker and playing a few live bets. However, one size cannot fit all the punters and it’s the reason we have suggested some other options. So, you can visit all the websites separately and choose one of them.

Is cricket live streaming on betting sites free?

None of the above-mentioned online bookies charges extra for watching the live stream on their website or app. This means the live broadcast is free. However, each bookmaker has a different set of requirements to watch live games. For instance, Bet365 will allow you to watch the cricket live stream only if you placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

How do I access cricket live streams on betting Sites?

Choose one of the live streaming sites that we discussed today. Create a betting account and verify your profile by providing the required documents. Deposit to your account and find a section that says “Live-betting” or “in-play”. Some of the websites also denote the live streaming tab with a TV icon or play button. Click on any similar option, watch the cricket match and place a bet.

Can I watch live cricket streams on a betting app?

Yes, you can watch live streams on a portable device if the bookmaker has a smartphone app. So, you will not miss even a single delivery even if you are traveling.

Why do bookmakers offer live cricket streams?

Betting sites offer live cricket streams because the gamblers need it for perfect bet placement. So, all the online bookies follow this practice. Advancement in internet technology has helped them a lot and nowadays it’s not a difficult task for the gambling platforms to integrate a live video box on their website.

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