10 Best Cricket Websites to Follow for Cricket Betting Analysis

Are you an avid cricket fan who’d like to bet on the match? If that’s you then you’re in the right place! Many cricket fans around the world take part in online and offline cricket betting. Whether you take part in the cricket betting for fun, or whether you’re doing it to earn some serious cash, you have to admit that you need some help when betting. Lucky for you the internet is full of some great websites that provide coverage of each cricket game, analysis and more.

Anyone partaking in cricket betting will tell you that following some cricket websites is crucial when it comes to cricket betting. Why?

Because these websites provide you with the tools you need to make informed, accurate bets. Human beings can easily mix up facts, scores and other trivia about the sport. It is important that you have correct background information when you’re making a bet. After all, it isn’t uncommon in cricket for a team to win the match after they start off badly. This is why it is essential that your predictions are correct- based on things like team performance, player performance and more. Websites dedicated to crickets can help you with this, so we highly recommend that you follow them.

Below, you’ll find a list of the ten best websites that will help you make informed, accurate predictions.

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Top Ten Cricket Websites for Betting Analysis:

betting analysis

ESPN Cricinfo is part of the ESPN network and covers the game of cricket exclusively. The website comes armed with a great wealth of information which you can take advantage of. It includes blogs, columns and articles written by the leading cricket analysts, commentators and former cricketers. Its most popular features include live streaming and ‘liveblogging’ of cricket matches. It provides a detailed analysis of each team before a match as well as focusing on the team’s performance in previous matches leading up to the current game. This makes their analysis very important as they can start off making predictions based on current news. Its feature, StatsGuru, is essentially a database which includes statistics on teams, players, officials as well as information on future matches. You should definitely use this website for cricket betting.

Second on our list is Cricbuzz. This website has a host of great features which you can use as tools to help you make good predictions. It comes equipped with live streaming of matches and cricket scores; it also includes player and team rankings. This is essential for all those of you who’re betting because it provides you with an insight into the competing teams. In addition, you can also pull out old match archives as well as videos, pictures and articles regarding old and upcoming matches. Cricbuzz also features the latest cricket news so that you’re up to date with all match and team news. It’s one of the leading cricket analysis websites on the internet so we highly recommend that you use this when betting.

cricket world

Cricket World is another great website which includes all the latest cricket news on both league teams and national teams. It also covers player profiles and news, focusing on each player’s history and their best and worst performances. This makes Cricket World a great platform if you’re looking to bet on individual players. But that’s not all. Cricket World also has TV and radio services which you can use to watch an ongoing match in real time as you make your bet. This, and other features such as live analysis and predictions, makes Cricket World a brilliant resource for those looking to use it support for their cricket bets. If you’re interested, then you’ll be happy to know that Cricket World also has its own online website platform.


Cricwaves focuses on a bunch of things: it specifically follows the ICC but also includes international matches and teams as well.  This includes the top twenty teams in the world. In addition to this, it also follows Indian leagues like T10 League as well as foreign national leagues such as the Pakistan Super League.

But that’s not all. In addition to its coverage of so many matches and leagues, Cricwaves also includes archives of older matches and previous scores. It includes ICC rankings, world rankings of teams and players. It also provides cricket news, covering the different top teams from around the world and includes their schedules as well. All of this information makes Cricwaves a robust website which can even be your one stop for all cricket news.

cricket australia

Cricket.com.au is an Australian based website that focuses on cricket news and analysis. It also includes articles on cricket and includes reviews of cricket matches. Additionally it also provides live scores from international matches as well as matches from local Australian leagues. You will also find player profiles and information on various international and local Australian series. With Cricket.com.au, you will be able to bet specifically on Australian leagues. In fact, for many Australian cricket fans, cricket.com.au is the website they turn to for the latest news on the Australian cricket scene. Another cool feature that the website includes is an option to buy tickets to various Australian matches as well so you can use this website as an information tool as well as a place to get tickets to your favorite matches!


The Cricket 365 focuses on international teams and match fixtures, providing articles, commentary as well as analysis post and pre-matches. This way you will be able to make good, accurate bets based on the latest information coming live from the venue of a match. It also divides its focus on the game according to countries so you have the latest information on the top cricket teams around the world instead of focusing on particular teams like most websites do. This will help broaden your approach and teams whom you can bet on. There’s quizzes as well which include cricket trivia so you can brush up on those. If anything, with more knowledge on a team and player’s history, will help you make better predictions and place better bets. So, what are you waiting for? Cricket 365 is perfect for you!


Powered by News 18, Cricket Next also provides the latest news, latest fixtures, results and live scores of matches happening globally in the world of cricket. Cricket Next helps you stay on top of things in the world of cricket As a fan and cricket better, this will benefit you a lot. There are match schedules, blogs and a team of expert cricket commenters and analysts who write for the website so the information you’re viewing is coming from seasoned professionals. These experts analyze matches based on statistics from team and individual player performances. Additionally, they also predict the outcome of some matches so it’s a good idea to tune to Cricket Next for the latest information on cricket.

Cricket Howstat also covers both international teams and leagues. Looking through the website, we found that it primarily focuses on the ICC, PSL, as well as many leagues in the UK. It focuses on individual cricket teams more, providing the latest stories and updates for every major cricket team in the world. This includes live scores, team formation and player ranking. However, one thing that Cricket Howstat includes, which other websites don’t include, is women’s cricket as well. It gives the same coverage to women’s cricket as it does with the men’s. This includes providing a full, thorough coverage and analysis of each team and each match played. This makes it a great option for those looking to bet on women’s sports as well.


Cricadium can also be classified as a one-stop website for cricket fans. This is because it includes the latest news on the sports as well as news on each player. It has the standard features which you will find on this: it includes live streaming of scores, it has player and team ranking, schedules and things like that. However, what Cricadium does differently from the other websites on this list is that it has a year review in December where it includes a collective analysis of each team’s year performance as well as things like the Best T20 matches, the best Test XI and so on.

This makes it pretty easy for someone who’s betting to pull up old articles of a team’s performance over the years and make educated bets.


CricIndeed covers international cricket news. It features cricket statistics which includes team and player performance. In addition to that, it also includes reports on cricket records. Since it has a team of writers, you get a fresh opinion on the sport from all of them. The writers can provide good, well- researched articles and predictions on upcoming matches. Additionally, they include the latest news on cricket leagues around the world as well. This information contains players being bought by certain cricket clubs, being sent on loans and more. CricIndeed is a very resourceful website because of data it has. It would be smart if you read through the articles about matches and players before making your bet as they might be able to provide you with an interesting perspective

Final Words

And that’s it. There was our list of the top ten websites covering cricket matches and more that can help provide you with the necessary tools you need to succeed and win your bets. Remember, these websites have great content available on them. They’re all super easy to access as well so you shouldn’t have any problem navigating them. You don’t have to use all these websites to help you bet (though your bet would be even more accurate if you take all of them into account) but it’s best that you turn to at least one or two of them when betting. The rest is up to you. We wish you good luck with your betting ventures! Happy betting!

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