Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Guide

Dream11 needs no introduction in India. Founded in 2008, it’s one of the most popular sports platforms that allows you to add more thrill to cricket leagues like IPL and BBL. Today, we will talk about this app, how to set up a team and increase your winning chances.

What is Dream11?

Dream11 is an Indian fantasy sports platform that allows you to play cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, and hockey. It is so popular in India that many other apps are trying to copy its features and launch something similar. Why not? Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the brand ambassador of this app and you will see multiple other cricketers running its media campaign. Rohit Sharma, Faf Du Plessis, Jasprit Bumrah to name a few.

How to play Dream11?

You need to follow some simple steps to start playing on Dream11. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  1. Download the app

Android users can download the Dream11 app from the Google Play store. There are chances that it might not allow you to make a deposit. Instead, the app will only give you free games to play. In such a case, get the download link from Dream11.com and download the app. Tap on Open and then Install. You need to allow the installation of apps from unknown resources under Settings of the smartphone.

Apple users can download the Dream11 app for free. You simply need to open Apple Store on the iPhone and download it.

  1. Register your profile

Once the app is download, you need to tap on open. Select register if you are a new player. Google and Facebook registrations are the alternates for new players. If you are an existing user, then simply login.

  1. Choose the match

Once registered, you will see a list of all the upcoming matches. The matches are generally arranged as per their starting times. However, Dream11 promotes international and popular games over matches that are not a hot cake among sports lovers. Select any of the matches that you find interesting. For instance, we can choose BLP vs PUW from the image given below.

  1. Make your team

Once you tap on the match, the next screen gives you an option to create a team. It’s the place where you need to show all your skills and knowledge about the game, which is cricket in this instance. Dream11 will guide you through the team selection process. You simply need to remember some rules:

  • You can pick only 7 players from one team.
  • Each category needs to be filled with the required number of players. This means, there should be 1 wicketkeeper, batsmen between 3 to 6, bowlers between 3 to 6, and all-rounders between 1 to 4.
  • The team cannot exceed the total value of 100
  • You must choose a captain and vice-captain after team creation.

Don’t worry about the calculations because Dream11 gives you hints and suggestions if any of the criteria are not fulfilled.

  1. Participate and win

Once you are ready with the team, preview it and make changes if required. The next step is to join a contest. You will see bigger contests with prizes in lacs and crores. Smaller contests bring smaller winning amounts but are better for beginners. You need to choose an amount that you can put on a stake and enter the contest.

  1. Deposit funds

Have you ever tried any betting app? Well, Dream11 is similar to gambling applications. Means, it’s prepaid.

On the top left of the Dream11 screen, you will notice a small icon. Tap it on to see all the available options. One of them is My Balance, which is where you can add funds.

Select Add Cash, enter the required amount that you want to deposit, and select Add Cash once again. The next screen will show you all the options available to make the deposit. Dream11 accepts UPI, e-wallets, net banking, and credit or debit card.

  1. Results

Dream11 will lock your team after the cut-off time and then, no changed will be allowed. You will see the points credit as the match initiates and your players start performing. You will know the results and how much money you have won after the match is over. The app will send a notification on your mobile and email to share all the information.

How to withdraw money from Dream11?

Dream11 permits withdrawals only if your mobile number, email address, PAN number, and bank account are verified. To request a withdrawal, you need to select My Balance again and follow the prompts. Once requested, the amount will be credited directly into your bank account.

Tips while creating a Dream11 team

  • Create multiple teams and send them to different pools. You can also keep them in the same contest.
  • Choose the players after knowing the pitch conditions. For instance, you shouldn’t include spinners if the cricket match is happening on a green wicket that’s suitable for pace bowlers. So, keep a check on the match preview and toss.
  • The ground conditions at the match starting could be different from those when you created your team. Dream11 allows you to change the players’ until the event commences.
  • Do not include a player who is not playing in the match. It’s a big mistake that degrades your winning chances.

Play according to the contest you are participating in. If you want to win big amounts, then be ready to walk on the edge. See, all the users have 22 players to choose from. If you want to overshadow others to put your team ahead in the race, then start making unique strategies. Things change when you are participating in small contest because there are chances you might win some amount even after following the traditional techniques.

Choose your captain and vice-captain carefully because these spots can make you win more. Why? The captain will get 2x points while the VC gets 1.5x points. So, it’s very necessary to fill these two spots with capable players.

Dream11 follows a system wherein the batsman and bowler score points according to their performance. The points vary in terms of runs, boundaries, half-century, or century. Similar, the points for bowlers differ in terms of the wickets taken, maidens, economy rate, and 4 or 5 wicket haul. Run-outs and catches are the other point makers. The number of points changes according to sports.

Dream11 professional tactics

  • Some of the regular winners of Dream11 fantasy cricket suggest that the players should create a team in the last thirty minutes. It’s right because choosing the players early and then forgetting to make changes after the toss might not yield expected results.
  • Try to pick top-order batsmen from both sides. T20 is the shortest form of cricket and there are fewer chances that the lower order batsmen will come out of the pavilion for batting. Besides, try to select a wicket-keeper batsman that comes to bat at a higher position.
  • Go for the bowlers that are death-overs specialists. Batsmen in the last few overs do not have any other option, but to hit whatsoever comes towards him, especially in T20. So, there are high chances that these bowlers will harness some extra points.
  • Pick the bowlers according to the pitch report. If the pitch is pace-friendly, then make space for fast bowlers. Similarly, include some spinners if the pitch is favoring spin.
  • For captain and VC, it’s better to choose someone who plays in the top order.


Is Dream11 free to download?

Yes, you can download the app and play some of its games that are available for free. However, you need to make some deposits to play games that include any winning amount.

Can you win money at Dream11?

Lots of sports lovers are already winning on Dream11 and you can get some extra amount as well. The prize money depends upon the contest. Choose the contest as per your bankroll, score points and win prizes. As simple as you can read.

Is Dream11 fixed?

Dream11 follows a very transparent playing structure. So, be assured that none of the matches are fixed. We have not found any shreds of evidence that can suggest something fishy about the app.

What are the chances of winning at Dream11?

Winning fantasy cricket rides upon your luck, confidence, and skills. Plus, it also depends upon the contest and the number of participants in the pool. You can win on Dream11, but it needs a lot of tactics to get big prize money.

Tips and tricks to win

  • Install some of the prediction apps that can also show you the pitch report and team preview. Apps and websites like Cricinfo or Cricbuzz can tell a lot about players and help you create a better team overall.
  • Gather all the information about the teams and their players. Combine all this knowledge with the pitch report while creating the team.
  • You need to be involved in the game all he times to gain some experience and win. But, start your research at least 6 to 7 hours before the game.
  • Do not choose an out-of-form player. Try to choose players from home ground. For instance, Rohit Sharma tends to perform better at Wankhede Stadium.
  • Follow the social media pages of the teams you want to play in Dream11.
  • Do not hope to win in every match. If you win, then do not overspend. Similarly, do not overthink if you lose. It’s all part of the game.
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