Fastest Century in Cricket – The Quickest ODI, T20 and Test Centuries

Who made the fastest century in one-day internationals? It’s one of the most fascinating questions in the world of cricket. So, let’s discuss all the champions in each format. We will also tell you the fastest double centuries. Unfold the excitement by reading on further.


Fastest century in ODI (One-day internationals)

Getting one hundred runs for your team is an achievement, but scoring a ton within a short period is something else. So, let’s take a look at some of the finest centuries made in ODIs.


AB de Villiers vs. West Indies – 31 balls (January 2015)

The South African batter is the fastest centurion in the cricket internationals because he took mere 31 deliveries to reach this milestone. SA was playing against West Indies when ABD bombed his innings of 149 runs in 44 balls. Can you guess the strike rate? It’s 338.61. What’s more? He partnered with Hashim Amla for 192 runs.

ABD scored the runs hitting sixteen sixes and nine fours. He helped SA to score a massive 439/50. As you might have guessed, WI lost the fixture by 148 runs.



Corey Anderson vs. West Indies – 36 balls (January 2014)

The batter from New Zealand was one of the best in his time. It’s the reason why Anderson holds the second fastest century in one-day internationals. The left-hander achieved this milestone in 2014 while playing against West Indies. He took 36 balls to reach the mark of one hundred runs.




vs. Sri Lanka – 37 balls (October 1996)

Afridi made his fastest and third quickest overall in one-day internationals against Sri Lanka in 1996. He came at no.3 and partnered with the opener Saeed Anwar for 126 runs. Afridi hit eleven sixes and six fours in this inning. He propelled the Pakistan national team to 370, and Sri Lanka lost the fixture by 82 runs.


Mark Boucher vs. Zimbabwe – 44 balls (September 2006)

Most of us know Mark Boucher as an excellent wicketkeeper. He was not a fast batter. Still, Boucher scored a century from 44 balls against Zimbabwe. His final score was 147 off 68 balls, which included ten sixes and eight fours. Hence, South Africa posted a 400+ score and won the fixture with 171 runs.


Brian Lara vs. Bangladesh – 45 balls (October 1999)

Lara had a never-ending appetite to score runs. He has created and broken many records in tests as well as one-day internationals. One of them is a quick-fire ton against Bangladesh.

Brian Lara opened for West Indies in the second ODI and scored a hundred runs in 45 balls. He finished at 117 off 62 balls, which means his strike rate was 188.70. Due to this inning, WI scored 314 and won the fixture with a massive 109 runs.




vs. India – 45 balls (April 2005)

Shahid Afridi has another entry as the fastest century. Do you know he has only six one-day centuries? And two of them are the fastest.

Afridi scored a century by consuming mere 45 balls. His effort deserves special mention because it came against India. India vs. Pakistan is the mother of all cricket matches.


Jesse Ryder vs. West Indies – 46 balls (January 2014)

Jesse Ryder is an incredible batter. The left-handed batter never misses a chance to send loose balls out for boundaries. He made a ton off 46 balls against West Indies. New Zealand posted a respectable total of 283 due to Ryder’s heroics and won the match.




vs. Pakistan – 46 balls (November 2015)

Jos Butler is an excellent batter who can hit the ball 360-degree. He has a couple of fastest tons in one-day internationals. The first is against Pakistan in Dubai. He made the century off 46 balls, which helped Pakistan to win the match.



vs. Pakistan – 48 balls (April 1996)

Sanath Jayasurya targeted Pakistani bowlers to score a hundred runs in 48 deliveries. The left-handed batter achieved this milestone in 1996. He scored 134 at a strike rate of 206.15. It’s the same year when Sri Lanka won the ODI World Cup.




vs. Pakistan – 50 balls (May 2019)

Pakistan was once again at the receiving end when Jos Buttler made a hundred in 50 balls. He remained not out in this match. Butler’s 110 from 55 balls helped England to post a massive total of 373 runs. Hence, Pakistan lost the fixture by 12 runs.


Kevin O’Brien vs. England – 50 balls (March 2011)

The innings played by Kevin O’Brien against England are considered important because he propelled Ireland to surpass a giant total of 327 runs. Ireland won the match by 3 wickets.


Glenn Maxwell vs. Sri Lanka – 51 balls (March 2015)

Glenn Maxwell is a power hitter. He took 51 balls to score the fastest century by an Australian. The kangaroos were chasing a revised target of 282 runs. But, Maxwell and his teammates ensured a comfortable win.



Fastest Century in T20

David Miller vs. Bangladesh – 35 balls (October 2017)

David Miller and two other batters are the fastest centurions in twenty-twenty cricket. Miller made a ton in only 35 balls. His final score was 101 off 36 deliveries. This inning included 9 sixes and 7 fours.



Sharma vs. Sri Lanka – 35 balls (December 2017)

Rohit Sharma made a ton in 35 balls right after two months when Miller made the fastest T20 hundred. He also took 35 balls to reach his century. Sharma is a multi-talented batter who is known for his explosive shots. So, we were expecting his name on this list.




vs. Turkey – 35 balls (August 2019)

The third name might be new for you because T20 cricket includes multiple nations now. Sudesh Wickramasekara made a ton off 35 balls to join Miller and Sharma. His innings included 10 sixes and 8 fours. S. Wickramasekara plays for Czech Republic.




vs. Ireland – 42 balls (February 2019)

The left-handed batter is the fourth or you can call him the second because all the previous three champions made their ton in 35 balls. Zazai made hundred runs in 42 ball and his final score was 162 runs off 62 balls. His innings included 16 sixes and 11 hours.


Richard Levi vs. New Zealand – 45 balls (February 2012)

The right-handed opener is the fifth contender because he smashed a ton in 45 balls. His final score was 117 runs off 51 balls. This marvelous inning includes 13 sixes and 5 fours. Looks like he was in a hurry.



Du Plessis vs. West Indies – 46 balls (January 2015)

The former South African captain comes next because he scored a ton in 46 balls. His final score was 119 runs off 56 balls. Faf hit 5 sixes and 11 fours in his innings.




Rahul vs. West Indies – 46 balls (August 2016)

KL Rahul is a magnificent opener and he can create multiple records in the future. He scored a ton in 46 balls. His final contribution was 110 runs off 51 balls. Rahul’s inning included 5 sixes and 12 fours.


Aaron Finch vs. England – 47 balls (August 2013)

The Australian captain scored a hundred runs in 47 balls. His final score was 156 runs and 63 balls, which included 14 sixes and 11 fours. Finch is one of the first cricketers to reach 900 points on the T20 rankings by ICC (International Cricket Council). He is multitalented. Apart from being an explosive batter, Finch is also a commentator with Fox cricket.


Chris Gayle vs. England – 47 balls (March 2016)

The left-hander scored a century in 47 balls against England. This innings at Wankhede cricket stadium, Mumbai includes 11 sixes and 5 fours. Also known as Universe Boss, Gayle is one of the fastest centurions in IPL. He scored 175, which is an unbeaten score till now.


Colin Munro vs. West Indies – 47 balls (January 2018)

The left-handed batter is on the tenth position in the list of fastest centuries in T20 cricket because he made a ton in 47 balls. He faced 53 balls to score 104 runs against West Indies. His innings included 10 sixes and 3 fours.


Fastest Century in Test Cricket

Brendon McCullum vs. Australia – 54 balls (February 2016)

Brendon McCullum is a fast scorer and he showed his abilities in 2016 by hitting a century in 54 balls. It’s the fastest century made by an international cricketer till now and his last innings.


Sir Vivian Richards vs. England – 56 balls (April 1986)

Sir Vivian Richards is a legend. He dominated all the bowlers in his international carrier from 1974 to 1991. Richards played a masterpiece knock of 110, wherein the century came off 56 balls. His innings comprise 7 sixes and 7 fours. This record was unbroken for 30 years.


vs. Australia – 56 balls (November 2014)

You might be surprised to see Misbah-ul-Haq on this list because he is not a fast-scoring batter. However, he made a ton in 56 balls in 2014 against Australia to equal Sir Vivian Richards. Misbah scored tons in both innings, which helped Pakistan to win the test by 356 runs.


Adam Gilchrist vs. England – 57 balls (December 2006)

Adam Gilchrist is one of the greatest wicket-keepers Australia has produced. He made a century off 57 deliveries in the third match of the Ashes 2006-2007. Australia and England were playing at Perth when Gilchrist blasted 102 runs in 59 balls. His first 50 came off 40 balls and the next 50 runs only in 17 balls. Australia won this test by 206 runs.


Jack Gregory vs. South Africa – 67 balls (November 1921)

Modern cricket followers might not recognize Jack Gregory, but his record for the fastest century in tests was unbroken for many years. Australia was playing against South Africa when Gregory made a ton off 67 deliveries. The match was a draw.





vs. Australia – 69 balls (April 2003)

Shivnarine Chanderpaul scored a ton off 69 balls when West Indies was up against Australia at George Town. His innings comprise 2 sixes and 15 fours. However, Australia won the match by 9 wickets.


David Warner vs. India – 69 balls (January 2012)

India was touring Australia in 2012. Indian batters’ dismal performance and David Warner’s ton helped Australia to win the third test by an inning and 37 runs. The target was only 162 for the Australians and Warner hit a century off 69 deliveries. His final score was 141. This inning helped Australia to seal the series comfortably.


Chris Gayle vs. Australia – 70 balls (December 2009)

Christopher Henry Gayle is an explosive batter. He scored his fastest century in test cricket against Australia in only 70 deliveries. His inning comprises 6 sixes and 9 fours. You can call it an extraordinary knock because Gayle was playing away from home in Australian conditions. Still, West Indies lost the test by 35 runs.



Roy Clifton Fredericks vs. Australia – 71 balls (December 1975)

The West Indian batter has scored a ton in only 71 balls. His final score was 169 off 145 balls. This hundred was scored at Perth, home ground for Australia. Still, Roy Clifton Fredericks ruled it, and West Indies registered a victory. It was one of the two matches won by the West Indies.


Colin de


vs. West Indies – 71 balls (December 2018)

The all-rounder made his maiden ton against West Indies. It’s the fastest maiden hundred by an international cricketer. His inning of 105 includes 3 sixes and 11 fours.



Fastest Double Century in Test Cricket



vs. England – 153 balls (2002)

The dashing batter of New Zealand stormed a double ton against England, which is still the fastest. He faced 153 balls to score two hundred runs. But, the highlight is his second 100, which he scored by facing mere 39 balls. Astle’s final score was 222 off 168 balls. He batted for 231 minutes.


Ben Stokes vs. South Africa – 163 balls (2016)

The all-rounder scored a double century off 163 balls. His total score was 258 off 198 balls, which includes 11 sixes and 30 fours. He spent 338 minutes on the pitch to score these runs.




vs. Sri Lanka – 168 balls (2009)

Sehwag scored a double ton after facing 168 deliveries during the third test against Sri Lanka. His total score was 293 off 254 balls. He batted for 366 minutes to hit 7 sixes and 40 fours. Sehwag is one of the few batters who has scored more than one fastest double century in international cricket.




vs. Pakistan – 182 balls (2006)

Another fastest ton by Sehwag came against Pakistan wherein he surpassed 200 runs off 182 balls. His inning includes only one six and 47 fours. Sehwag scored these magnificent runs against the number one rival of India.


Brendon McCullum vs. Pakistan – 186 balls (2014)

The fifth contender is Brendon McCullum because he scored a double century after facing 186 balls. He made the double-ton in Sharjah, UAE. His final score was 202 off 188 deliveries. McCullum spent 279 minutes reaching this milestone.





vs. South Africa – 194 balls (2008)

South Africa was touring India in 2008 when Virender Sehwag scored a double hundred at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai. His total score was 319 runs off 309 balls, which included 5 sixes and 42 fours. He spent 503 minutes on the pitch to make these runs.



Gibbs vs. Pakistan – 211 balls (2003)

Gibbs scored a double ton after consuming 211 balls. His knock was against Pakistan. The total score was 228 runs off 240 balls. Herschelle Gibbs stayed on the crease for 383 minutes.


Adam Gilchrist vs. South Africa – 212 balls (2002)

Gilchrist was playing away from home when he scored 200 runs off 212 balls, which included 8 sixes and nineteen fours. It all happened in Cape Town when Australia was on a tour of South Africa. He spent 193 minutes achieving this milestone.


Ross Taylor vs. Bangladesh – 212 balls (2019)

Ross Taylor scored a double century playing against Bangladesh in Basin Reserve, New Zealand. He spent 321 minutes making 200 runs off 212 balls. His inning includes 4 sixes and 19 fours.




vs. India – 220 balls (1982)

Ian Botham made a double ton against India at Oval in July 1982. He came at the crease when England was at 185-3. Botham was dismissed at 208 off 226 balls. But, he partnered with Allan Lamb for 176 runs and then stayed with Derek Randall for 151 runs. Thanks to his innings, England was able to post a massive total of 594. Botham even hit Gavaskar while the latter was standing at short-leg. Hence, Sunil Gavaskar was unable to bat in the next inning.


Fastest Double Centuries in ODI

Chris Gayle vs. Zimbabwe – 138 balls (2015)

Chris Gayle hit the fastest double century in one-day internationals against Zimbabwe. He accomplished this feat in only 138 balls. His inning includes 10 fours and 16 sixes.




vs. West Indies – 140 balls (2011)

After hitting three fastest test centuries, Sehwag made his entry into the quickest ODI tons by scoring 200 off 140 balls against West Indies. He is the second batter after Sachin Tendulkar to achieve this milestone. Sehwag hit 7 sixes and 25 fours in his inning.


Sachin Tendulkar vs. South Africa – 147 balls (2010)

Sachin Tendulkar is the first cricketer on this planet to score two hundred runs in a one-day international. His inning deserves special recognition because he was playing against a world-class bowling attack, which included Dale Steyn.

Tendulkar scored his double ton in the final over. He faced 147 balls to achieve this feat. The little master was on the brink to achieve this milestone when he was not out on 186 against New Zealand. Sachin also scored 175 against Australia, but in a losing cause.




vs. Zimbabwe – 148 balls (2018)

Fakhar Zaman is the only Pakistani batter to score a double ton in ODIs. He bombed the bowlers of Zimbabwe to score 200 runs in 156 balls. His inning includes five sixes and 24 fours. The strike rate of this inning was 134.61.




Sharma vs. Sri Lanka – 151 balls (2014)

Rohit Sharma is the only batter to cross the mark of 200 runs in ODIs thrice. His maiden double ton took 151 balls against Sri Lanka. He smashed all the Sri Lankan bowlers because of his top form.


Fastest Double Century in T20 Cricket

None of the batters has made a double ton in T20 cricket. However, it’s not impossible for batters like Rohit Sharma. So, we might witness a ton in 20-20 soon.








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